Off to Italy: Rimini


What a wet and windy day today. I came home and immediate change my work gear into a comfy sweat pants and fluffy cardigan which I often do that anyways.

Sigh. Take me back 6 weeks ago please!

My last days in Italy were spend in a bit less famous city called Rimini. Unlike my first stop in Florence, Rimini is a young beach city that attracts many youngsters locals and one quirky Asian with a straw hat (me!). I can’t wait to relax at the beach!

We took a train to get there and the train ride was far from the best. We bought the cheapest tickets and had ok seats but it degraded since there was no AC and the 35°C weather turned this riding metal tube into an oven. My skin sticks to the leather seat at some point and when I finally arrived Rimini, I hope no one takes over my seat before someone cleaned it.  

Wat een vieze dag was het vandaag. Ik kwam thuis en onmiddellijke mijn werk kleding verruild voor een comfortabel kloffie wat ik vaak doe trouwens.

Kan iemand mij 6 weken terug teleporteren!

Mijn laatste dagen in Italië bracht ik door in een minder bekende stad, genaamd Rimini. In tegenstelling tot mijn eerste stop in Florence, Rimini is een jonge strand stad die veel lokale jongeren trekt en een rare (Aziatisch) vogel met een strooihoed. Ik kan niet wachten om op het strand te gaan relaxen!

We namen eerst een trein en die was verre van goed. We kochten de goedkoopste tickets en de zitplaatsen waren niet slecht maar ging helaas toch bergafwaarts, want er was geen AC en de 35°C maakte dit rijdende metalen buis een oven. Mijn huid kleeft aan de lederen stoel en bij verlaat hoop ik dat niemand mijn stoel overneemt voordat deze ontsmet is.

 Station food are so pricey!


  1. Hope you have a good time ! I'd love to travel somewhere !


  2. OMG NO WAY. NO AC??? That's crazy! I love my AC too much, especially since it's always so hot over here, I couldn't imagine not being able to be comfortable inside a building/car without AC. Your photos look lovely and I would love to go on a couple hour train ride through the country side/mountain side and enjoy sandwiches and quiet time.

  3. Looks like a lovely place! No AC however, doesn't sound too nice. That giant vat of nutella though, give it to me!

  4. Great pictures, but I'm sorry you had to endure a train ride with no AC! I'm sure that was miserable.

  5. Nice countryside AC is hard to bear in the hot weather.

  6. I hate being stuck on hot trains, I hope you had fun though! Ahh I really want nutella on toast now, so yummy!

  7. It looks nice :]

    Pff.. 35 graden in de trein :x

  8. I love Italy, no matter where you are!

  9. What is that Nutella machine and where can I get one?? :O -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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