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Happy Fall by the way! It’s always sad for me to say goodbye to Summer my favourite season but that doesn’t mean I resent Fall or any other seasons. I used to but now I see how Fall can be beautiful too and there are things that I look forward like getting cosy while my hands wrapped around a nice mug of hot beverage while the landscapes turning into a sea of fire leaves. That’s my favourite part!

My job has begun again and I’m slowly but surly moving into my work and blog mood and start reading your blogs and leaving a comment or two. Don’t worry I have not forgotten about you!
Also I really need to get that new blog layout done because I’ve been grinding that for months, sigh.

Good news: I have passed my driving theory exam! I’m so unbelievable glad because the theory was not easy in terms of the possible faults you are allowed to make (you can only have 5 wrong answers out of 40). And I got 5 faults woo! Hopefully my practical exam will go smoothly.

Anyway I’m having a nice throwback moment with myself while I surf through my memory card with pictures inside of my Summer 2015. A lot of them involved food, friends, family – my favourite F’s and perhaps my Summer is not as productive as I want it to be but maybe that’s why Summer is my favourite season of all. Exclude the fact that my camera broke but yeah.

Which one is your favourite season? Tell me!        

Goedendag, herfst en tot ziens zomer, je was heel fijn dit jaar en het doet altijd een beetje pijn om afscheid te nemen van mijn favoriete seizoen. Maar dat betekent niet dat ik herfst verafschuw, want herfst is mooi! Ik vond dat vroeger niks maar die mening heeft een 180°C wending gekregen, want herfst is lekker knus zijn met een heerlijk beker drinken terwijl het buiten leven zich omtovert in warme rode gloed van bladeren. Ik kan daar zo van genieten.

Mijn werk is weer begonnen en langzaamaan en zeker ook mij werk en blog stemming. Maak je geen zorgen ik heb jullie en jullie blog en comments niet vergeten hoor!
Ook vind ik dat mijn nieuwe bloglayout eindelijk af moet zijn. Het duurt te lang!

Ander goed nieuws: ik ben namelijk geslaagd voor mijn autotheorie examen! Ik ben zo ongelooflijk blij, want het was niet makkelijk in termen van de mogelijke fouten die je mag maken (maximaal 5 fouten uit de 40 vragen). En ik had 5 fouten, woo! Hopelijk zal mijn praktijk examen vlotjes verlopen.

Ik heb nu even een ik-moment en terugblik op de zomer, terwijl ik de foto’s van mijn geheugenkaart bekijk. Een groot deel van deze foto’s bevatten niet heel verrassend: voedsel, vrienden, f(v)amilie, kortom mijn favoriete V's en misschien is mijn zomer niet zo productief als dat ik gewild had, maar misschien is dat de reden waarom de zomer mijn favoriete seizoen is. De kapotte camera niet meegerekend.

Wat is jouw favoriete seizoen? Vertel ‘t me!

My current feet are healing from all the blisters but back then, in Italy-Rimini it looked like pair of zombies.

Me in the train to Florence. I'll be honest, train schedules are not great in Italy.

Free hotel toiletries. Snatched them all! 

A throwback on last month: meeting up with The cat you and us! More of that soon!

One of my favorite nights in Florence which is buying Chinese take-outs and isolate ourselfs in our B&B room and watch movies! Make-shift room service no?

In my 3-hour long theory driving class. And last week I have passed my theory exam! So happy!

Me and the lovely officers in Florence.

 Take me back 4 weeks ago please. 


  1. these pictures are looking so lovely !


  2. congrats on passing your theory exam!
    Lovely photos :)
    I can say that it's always summer (and sometimes raining) here :") I want to experience another season someday!

  3. I love fall too! My favourite season with a pleasant weather. I'm sad to read that you broke your camera but you've still managed to show us some amazing pictures through your post!
    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  4. I am sad that summer is going away -- but at least the warmer weather will stay around for a couple more months hopefully. I remember last October it was still very sunny even though the leaves were turning. :) Congrats on passing your driving theory test!

  5. wow you passed the driving test, congrats!
    There is no 4 seasons here in North Borneo, warm throughout the year. I find it very romantic having those fire leaves falling on the ground during autumn :D

  6. Wow, it looked like a lot of fun! :)

  7. That's so cool that you met up with other bloggers, I've always wanted to try it some day! My favourite season has to be fall, it's when my birthday is and there's just something about the changing leaves that makes me happy :)

  8. Spring/Summer are definitely my favourite seasons! Even though it's raining where I am today I'm SO GLAD it's finally Spring in the Southern hemisphere and the warm weather will be in full swing before I know it. :)

    jessica -

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful summer! I'll miss the warm weather too, but I am looking forward to cozy sweaters and warm mugs of cocoa. Congratulations on your driving test! I remember when I took mine, I got the maximum number I could get wrong, right from the start so I was SO scared! Luckily I passed it though :p

  10. You're such a cutie! Love your pics and the blur!

  11. congrats on passing your driving theory exam! A step closer to getting your actual license! :)

  12. good luck for the practical part of your exam!
    it's hard to choose a favorite season, but mine would have to be between summer/autumn

  13. It depends where I am, but for the most part, autumn is one of my favorite seasons! I love your blog design and I remember it being like this ever since I first started reading your blog, but I'm also excited to see how you update it! Can't wait to see more about your visit with Dani and Damaris! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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