Peek Into My Life 61


Goodbye September, hello Fall and welcome October!
September has been a busy work month for me. Last week I had worked 5 days straight, 2 days where I woke up with neck pain and 1 lovely day socializing with my bestie girlfriend at a café. Busy but alive I suppose.

And still no new camera!
So all my pictures here are taken with my mobile phone.

Have you guys witness the Red Moon a few days ago? I want to but I also want 6-7 hours sleep per day so unfortunate I chose for sleep. And beside my camera is not working anymore and it would feel like wasting because I’d love to take a good snap of the Red Moon.

I also didn’t eat 月饼 with the annual Mid-Autumn Festival because I’m not a big fan of mooncakes. Especially the one with a yolk in the center but I hope you had a nice one!

So what else did I do lately with my life beside working and missing out moon festivities? I have visit a cool looking vintage and furniture store, made lots of homemade food and enjoyed the sunny and blue skies in The Netherlands, which is warming in the current fall season.

Vaarwel september, hallo herfst en welkom oktober!
September is tot zover een druk werk maand geweest. Vorige week heb ik 5 dagen achter elkaar gewerkt, 2 dagen waar ik wakker werd met een stijve en pijnlijke nek en 1 heerlijke dag met de liefste vriendin in een café. Drukke tijden maar ik leef nog!

En nog steeds geen nieuwe camera! Al mijn foto’s hieronder zijn daarom genomen met mn mobiel cameraatje.

Zijn jullie trouwens nog getuige geweest van de ‘Rode Maan’ paar dagen geleden? Ik wilde het zo graag maar ik wil ook heel graag 6-7 uur slaap hebben per dag dus koos ik helaas voor een goede nachtrust. En daarnaast heb ik altijd nog geen camera om die maan vast te leggen.

Ook heb ik dit jaar geen 月饼 gegeten met de jaarlijkse Midherfstfestival, want ik ben er niet zo dol op. Jij wel? Ik hoop dat het gesmaakt heeft dan!

Wat nog meer deed ik met mijn leven naast het werken en het missen van de maan festiviteiten? Ik heb een bezoek gedaan aan een toffe vintage meubilair winkel, bereidde zelfgemaakte eten en genoot vooral van het zonnige en blauwe luchten in Nederland. Wat een heerlijke herfst begin!

This antique & 2ndhand shop 

Home food

 Colorful pasta in a shape of grapes! Bought in Italy. 

While watching Masterchef Australia season 7! Also check out my new way of storing my craft supplies and tools on my coffee table! 

A gift! 

My aunt from Hong Kong who spend her holiday in East-Europe bought a souvenir for me which are these cute handcrafted earrings!

 Quality time with papa. 


  1. I totally missed that red moon and was told about it the next day, Bummer.Great pics from your phone, yummy dishes.

  2. Goodbyeeee busy September! Oh my goodness, it's almost the end of the year! Hopefully the rest of these few months go easy on you. Oh no about your neck :( That's never fun.

  3. Vintage shopping is so much fun! There's always cool stuff to find :) I didn't do anything special to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, but I did go into Chinatown the previous week to have bubble tea and buy some moon cakes, which I did end up eating while watching the Red Moon :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Love the photos !


  5. Your photography is absolutely stunning. <3

    xx Mackenzie

  6. I missed the moon because it won't stop raining here! And also because I like sleep too. Mm, that pasta looks so yummy!

  7. Aw, I hope the neck pain isn't bothering you as much recently! I saw the red moon, it was pretty cool! It was also my first time seeing one cause all the other times I either fell asleep or it was too cloudy, ha. I don't prefer mooncakes either haha, it's way too sweet and dense for me!

    And even if it's phone photos, they still look great - which definitely shows that having a nice camera is nice, but it's also possible to get great photos without one :)

    becky ♡ star violet

  8. Don't worry, I think I ate enough mooncake for the both of us

  9. not a big fan of yue bing either but it's only once a year so! hahah :-)
    do chinese in the netherlands celebrate midautumn festival there?

    that antique shop though!!


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