A midnight snack is an ice cream. Always


Not a day goes by without an ice cream or should I say a ‘gelato’ when I as in Italy last Summer! Italian ice cream is good, cheap and comes in big portion. O happy days!

After a long beach day in beach town Rimini me and my sidekick F. went for a midnight snack because the night was still young and still warm and so our snack of choice was a no-brainer and quite simple: a gelato.

Too many ice cream shops are housed at Rimini shore so me and F. decided to be picky. Basically, which shop looks the most appealing and importantly good value for money. And so we have chosen: Gelateria Mafalda! Because Mafalda is a cartoon character which is sweet and the amount of customers makes this shop looks cosy and promising.

Oh and I have kept the cute plastic cup too as souvenir.   

Er ging geen dag voorbij zonder een ijsje of beter gezegd een 'gelato' in mijn laatste zomervakantie in Italië! Italiaans ijs is lekker, goedkoop en komt in grote portie en dit maakt de blije ik helemaal compleet.

Na een lange strand dag in stadje Rimini waren ik en reismaatje F. toe aan een avond snackje, want de avond was nog jong en nog warm en dus was onze snack keuze al snel gemaakt: een gelato.

Geen tekort aan ijs winkels in Italië en ook aan wal van Rimini staan er genoeg dus ik en F. besloten kieskeurig te zijn. Welke winkel ziet het meest leuk uit en wat nog belangrijk: de prijs! We hebben gekozen: Gelateria Mafalda! Mafalda is een stripfiguur en dat maakt ‘t extra zoet en de hoeveelheid klanten maken deze winkel gezellig en veelbelovend.

De schattige plastic ijsbeker heb ik uiteraard bewaard!

Mint chocolate, coconut and cookie & cream, a tower of love!
The flavors was full and maybe a bit watery but it was still a nice creamy snack.

Ice cream, gelato - what?
Ice cream basically has more cream which makes it a lot dense plus there's egg yolks init. Gelato on the other hand uses milk instead of cream which makes it more 'shape-able' when scooping and I guess less heavy than ice cream?

And my dearest F. picked: Oreo and stracciatella. That chocolate monster.

ADDRESS: Via Dati, Viserba, Rimini, ITALY
Food:  4/5 
Service: ♥♥ 4/5
Interior:  3/5
Price:  4/5 


  1. Yeah, gelato is a serious thing in Italy 8D I love how you can find so many different concept and flavors. I guess they're good at it! And most of the time: organic. Lovely post, like always :)

  2. Mmmm, this post is simply delightful! Now I'm craving gelato... *_*

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    I'm on the Tube!

  3. Oooh I always thought gelato was thicker/heavier than ice-cream! Whatever, all I know is that both are delicious. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Oooh yum. I would've definitely gone for oreo and stracciella haha.

  5. so many ice cream flavours to choose from..I like the soft ice cream from Italy, we could find similar swirl ice cream from the local McDonald outlets here.

  6. Oh my those all look so good! I wouldn't be able to choose!

  7. Nom you'd see me parked outside that place for sure


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