Barcelona, my first impression


Firstly: Happy Halloween! I don’t celebrate it unfortunate so lets continue with the main topic of today’s post which is: Barcelona.

Barcelona, for some it screams football because of FC Barcelona. But to me it screams architecture and art and it’s no surprise I like love this city really quickly because on every piece of this city I go I spot eyecatching buildings and street interior such as sidewalks: the tiles. Yes, I can get really enthusiastic with something simple as extraordinary tiles.

On the first day me and my family practically walked around the area from our hotel and explored. Here’s a list of what stood out firstly:

- the sidewalk tiles obviously  
- the spacious pedestrian + bike lanes
- the rich nature
- the square blocks

And surprisingly some of my first impression took me back to New York city in America. Especially the blocks and streets because NY has the same kind of squary setting and the yellow traffic lights also reminded me back in NY. NY, also a great city!

Barcelona, your first impression did not fail me! 


Ten eerste: vrolijk Halloween! Ik vier het jammer genoeg niet dus gauw over naar het hoofdonderwerp van vandaag: Barcelona!

Barcelona, voor sommige betekent dit: voetbal - FC Barcelona. Maar voor mij gaat het vooral om de architectuur en kunst en ik viel gauw als een blok voor deze stad. Mooie gebouwen en straat interieur zoals de stoep en de tegels. Jawel! Je kunt me echt een plezier doen met iets simpels zoals bijzondere tegels.

Op de eerste dag liepen ik en mijn familie gewoon lekker rondom het gebied van ons hotel. Hier is een lijst van eerste indruk:

- De stoep tegels
- De ruime voetgangerszone + fietspaden
- De rijke natuur
- De vierkante straat setting

En heel verrassende brachten sommige van deze eerste indruk me weer terug naar de stad van Amerika genaamd New York. Dat kwam vooral door de blokkige straat setting die NY heeft en de gele verkeerslichten deden me gauw denken aan NY. Ook een fantastische stad!

Barcelona, je hebt me tot zover niet teleurgesteld! 
Another thing that caught my eye are these flags that I have never seen before and it’s not the Spanish flag. I soon learned it’s the ‘estelada’ flag which is the unofficial flag of Cataluña to show the support of independent Cataluña. And it seems many residents of Barcelona are behind this idea because the flags were hanged proudly and richly.
Trees, parks and pedestrian lanes

Safe walking under a tunnel of trees in the buzzing city like Barcelona. I love it!

Exploring Barcelona on foot is very doable. Exploring Barcelona on foot with food is very doable! 

 Next time: La Sagrada Familia!


  1. Awesome photos!

    Happy Halloween

  2. such a pretty city. I like its name tho, Barcelona. It sounds pretty too :)

  3. Love that you mention the pedestrian lanes, I think it's one of those things that I take for granted, but it really makes a huge difference in our city, specially with all the palm trees around. Great shots Mei! :) Looking forward to see your Sagrada Familia pics, it's a place I don't visit often but I know I should :)

  4. Ahh, Barcelona is zo mooi! Happy Halloween nog!!

  5. such a beautiful beautiful city :)

  6. Gorgeous shots! I love the architecture around Europe! It's so old world and charming! And those bikes look fabulous! I really need to take up biking again to get some proper exercise!

  7. It seems like there is so much room for pedestrians here - how lovely


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