I flew to Barcelona


I had two holidays last Summer with my two F’s: friends and family where my first holiday began in Italy and my second one in SpainBarcelona.
I never been to this metropolis called Barcelona but I always wanted to see this city because of its history, food and especially the architecture.

My Spanish adventure all began with a short comfort flight from Amsterdam and it ended with a good landing in Barcelona. In total me and my family stayed a full week in Barcelona and I thought that should be enough to explore the whole city but that wasn’t the case. I still have so many unvisited places on my list! Hopefully there will be a 2nd chance for me to visit these unvisited places in the future.

In the upcoming future posts I’ll be writing all about my days in Barcelona. And of course it involves me visiting food places, the small details and putting that in the spotlight, my meeting up with blogger friends and among other related things and outgoings words and pictures.     

Ik had twee vakantie afgelopen zomer met mijn vrienden en familie waar mijn eerste vakantie in Italië begon en mijn tweede in Spanje - Barcelona.
Mijn allereerste keer in Barcelona en wat wilde ik zo graag deze metropool zien. Het eten, de historie maar vooral de architectuur.

Het begon allemaal eerst met een korte fijne vlucht vanuit Schiphol gevolgd met een goede landing in Barcelona. Ik en mijn familie verbleven er 7 dagen, helaas niet genoeg om de stad in haar geheel te verkennen. Hopelijk biedt er een 2e kans voor mij om de resterende stad te zien in de toekomst.

In de komende artikelen zal ik over mijn dagen in Barcelona bloggen. Inclusief mijn hotspots, de kleine details en deze in de schijnwerpers zetten, mijn ontmoeting met blogger vrienden en alle andere gerelateerde onderwerpen in woorden en natuurlijk in foto’s.

Such a luxury to have an empty airplane seat next to me which indicates a great start of my holiday!

This dude in purple is our savior in guiding us to the city center  and to our accommodation. 

I'm in love with Barcelona and the beautiful sidewalks. It is everywhere! 

 I had 2x paella and it was 2x very yum!


  1. Looking forward to seeing all your barcelona posts! I'm so excited to go in January.

  2. i love how you take your yarn everywhere :) and oh how i miss summer days~

  3. Enjoy your holiday..it's the weather getting colder in south Europe?

  4. My dad visited Barcelona for a business trip several years ago! I remember being miffed that he wouldn't take me, but I had school to go to :P Over fall break I visited Philly's Magic Gardens and showed my dad pictures. He said that since I enjoyed that, I'd definitely appreciate a trip to Barcelona. I hope you had a great time! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. Cool! Barcelona is amazing!
    Take care


  6. Looks like so much fun! Makes me miss traveling. And you would be crafting on the plane, hehe :p I remember you writing about this before, but could I ask what camera you use? I'm looking for an alternative to my dslr cause it can be really heavy when I have a lot of things to bring with me!

    becky ♡ star violet

  7. Wow! My teacher is from Barcelona and she always talks about its beauty!!! I hope you had fun~

  8. Super excited to see your adventures here in Barcelona! You have the most amazing suitcase ever! :) I am so intrigued to see what caught your eye.

  9. Ahhh! Thanks for sharing these shots! I plan to post the final installment from my Bali holiday from back in April this year! I won't be going on another holiday for a while so I'm looking forward to when I can plan my next one! Absolutely LOVE your luggage, it's too damn adorable, I love rilakuma! I also would love somethings with sumiko gurashi characters!


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