John Stick: the OK Holland chips


I’m born and raised in Holland and when you claim to have ‘incredible Holland chips’ you have to deliver. However I’m not so sure either what the perfect Dutch fries is but to me it has to be: crunchy, has real potato flavour and a golden color. I’m kind of intrigued why they named it Holland chips but we do grow great potatoes!

So I was of course extra picky with John Stick – Incredible Holland Chips and their fries. And I’m sorry for using the word ‘fries’ but chips are to me crisps. Even I never say crisps ha.

John Stick is a small fastfood place in RiminiItaly and their modern hip look and obviously the name pulled me in. And alright alright, because I'm a fries loving person too! So do they really have incredible fries and  ticked all my boxes? I am afraid not sadly.    


Ik ben geboren en getogen in Nederland en als je beweert de 'incredible Holland chips' te hebben dan moet je het ook leveren. Ook al weet ik niet zeker wat nou dé perfecte Nederlandse friet is maar voor mij moet hij lekker knapperig zijn, echte aardappel smaakje hebben en een gouden kleur hebben. Ben wel benieuwd waarom ze naar Hollandse friet hebben genoemd. Misschien omdat ze weten dat we goede aardappelen verbouwen!

Ik was daarom wel iets kritisch me John Stick - Incredible Holland Chips en hun frietjes. Ik zeg trouwens friet in plaats van patat of patates frites. En jij?

John Stick is een kleine fastfood eenmanszaak in Rimini - Italië en hun moderne hippe uitstraling en natuurlijk de naam trok mij meteen de aandacht. Want hebben zij nou echt ongelofelijke frieten als zij beweren? Niet echt helaas.

Love the wallpaper pattern though! Really cute!

A medium with John Bosco sauce 
Me and F. both shared a medium sized one (€5). It also includes a sauce/dip too and out of the 8 special 'John sauces' we picked John Bosco. John Bosco is a spicy mayonnaise with mushrooms, mixed sautéed vegetables and peppers and I like it! I think I'm even more thrilled about the sauce than the actual food which is the fries.
The fries were not bad and it was fresh and all but it wasn't special either. It pretty much taste like any other regular fries from any other regular shops and for the price we paid, it was just really OK. Which is a bummer because the concept is great and loving their design too!

ADDRESS: C. SO D'augusto, 43, Rimini, ITALY
Food:  3/5 
Service: ♥♥ 3/5
Interior:  4/5
Price:  2/5 


  1. Amazing and Looks delicious♡
    I wish that John Stick open in Japan!!


  2. Wow, that looks delicious! Such a selection of fry sauces. It seems as though they draw in for the sauce and then skimp on fry quality - sorry you thought it was just okay, haha.

  3. We always go for McDonald french fries here..

  4. Holy wow, the sauce! And here I am happy with ketchup and honey mustard! The carton of fries look so big in your hands --- but who can resist them! :)

  5. those fries are lookin' good!! i love love anything with potatoes..who doesn't love potatoes? let's me convince them to eat some. potatoes are so so good..i, especially love fries from carl's junior. a fast food restaurant selling superb huge burgers and natural cuts fries..

    xo joselovincolors

  6. AHH.. YUMMIE!!! I totally would have stopped too and found out what they were selling! I too love chips and just carbs in general...anything crisp and warm and saucy is always welcomed!! The sauce sounds soooo good too! Thanks for sharing!


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