My facial mask against slow winter


This week I’m working 5 days straight again and this mean I need all my night rest with at least 6-7 hours sleep per day to keep my body and mind well functioning.
Apart that is also to keep my face refreshing, healthy and radiant. And to enhance that effect I use facial masks.

My favourite type of facial masks is the sheet masks: easy to apply and remove!

I told myself I should be doing at least 1x facial mask per week in my skincare routine but this is still hard to keep up due to having no time and I’ll admit being lazy too.

But lately I’ve finally teared open a few masks and one of them is the Taiwanese brand: Dr. Morita Taiwan – Glacial Clay Seaweed Mask and an eye mask ‘pomegranate’ by Sephora.
And I’ve decided to make a quick review.
Lets see and read the verdict!

Deze week moet ik 5 dagen achter elkaar werken en daarom is een goede nachtrust met ten minste 6-7 uur slaap per dag van zeer belang om mijn lichaam en geest goed te laten functioneren. En natuurlijk mijn gezicht fris en fruitig en stralend te houden. En om die effecten te versterken gebruik ik maskers!

Mijn favoriete soort gezichtsmaskers zijn de ‘sheetmasks’: eenvoudig aan te brengen en te verwijderen!

Ik vind dat ik minstens 1x per week een gezichtsmasker moet aanbrengen, maar dit blijkt toch een moeilijke opgave te zijn. Rede: gebrek aan tijd en ja, ik geef toe want ik ben ook een beetje lui hierin…

Maar uiteindelijk scheurde ik een paar maskers open en een van de maskers is de Taiwanese merk: Dr. Morita Taiwan - Glacial Clay Seaweed Mask en een oogmasker 'granaatappel' van Sephora. En ik heb besloten om een snelle beoordeling te maken dus scroll naar beneden toe voor het oordeel!

MASK 1: DR. Morita 'Glacial Clay Seaweed Mask' 
So. Where is the clay and seaweed ingredient?

PRO: nourishing feel, easy apply, no break-outs
CON: small eye cut outs, no seaweed ingredient found, contains paraben 

MASK 2: Sephora - Eye mask 'pomegranate'
I was hoping it would reduce my puffy left eye but it didn't. But it's ok! 
PRO: feels energized, cooling, easy apply, love the list of natural ingredients and extracts  
CON:price ($5,-)


  1. cool! I need an under eyes treatment!

  2. These sound interesting, especially the undereye one! I absolutely love sheet masks but they're really hard to find in Australia :(

  3. Great reviews and posts, thanks for sharing!

    I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  4. I think I need a really good undereye brightening mask of some sort... I'll keep on the look out!

    7% Solution

  5. I am long due to put on a moisturising mask to pamper my face..

  6. i think that's the kind of eye mask my eyes will actually appreciate!

  7. i always forget to do my facial mask too haha
    ive been using the same brand from this skincare company i go to for facial treatment so idk if its ok to try other facial masks :-(

  8. Great Blog!! Having a facial mask to deal with winter is really important. My girlfriends and I are constantly getting cracks in our skin, and are constantly thinking of new methods to deal with the problem. On that note, have you been to NiritReani.Com? I think you might find it helpful, and I always like to share!

    Maureen Fleming @ Nirit Reani


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