When I Come Home Snacks 39


Snacking my way into the weekend because it’s TGIF with foreign goodies and this post is full of them! Therefore I’ll keep it short for today c:   

Snackend op weg naar het weekend, want het is TGIF met buitenlandse calorierijke snacks en het bericht van vandaag is er vol mee! Ik zal het daarom kort houden c:

From Italy
I am familiar with Nutella and Nutella & Go snacks but this is the first time seeing a drink attached to it!
It's an tea drink as well and I like it! Such a cool concept!

Italy is a land of loads of Nutella food and this Nutella B-ready bar is one of them!
And it taste like Kinder Bueno's c:

From Spain
Taste like a Kinder Bueno as well.

I bought this box of Bollitos cookies back in Barcelona last Summer and oh boy this is a one good cookie! It's funny because 'bollitos' means bread rolls. The texture of the cookie is really brittle and crumbly and kind of flavorless. The sugar on top makes this cookie not overly sweet which makes it a a nice light snack c: 

 Here I am eating first time double creamed Oreo cookie! But I don't taste much different than the original one. 

From Holland
This cherry tomato tries to imitate a strawberry!


  1. Oh wow this post is just full of yummy goodies! you can never go wrong with nutella and those Bollitos look very delicious!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  2. What the -- Nutella WITH a drink?! Very fascinating indeed, hehe. We have double stuffed oreos here too, they don't taste any different except just with more cream which I actually don't like!

    becky ♡ star violet

  3. Omggg YUMMM I'm drooling over that box of yakult *u*
    I remember having the nutella & go product so many years ago but they stopped selling it here in Australia and I just to love drinking the peach tea attached~ The Kinder Happy Hippo is so cute as well!! I wish they sold these where i lived!!


  4. Haha I've seen those Nutella/drink things online but never in stores! I love that idea, I don't know about tea with nutella though, I think I'd like a coffee or something instead...

  5. This is looking so lovely !


  6. Chocolate! So much chocolate!! *gasp* I love the cute cherry tomato <3

  7. Oooooooh Nutella! So much goodness :)

  8. A nutella DRINK? Wow.... *_* Evrything looks so yummy!

  9. It's been so long since my last visit to your blog and look how your blog has changed. Love the blog design!
    Those snacks look really tempting, especially that nutella !

  10. Ohh I'm super hungry now hehe xx

  11. omg everything looks so tasty!

  12. Italy nutella with combo snack and drink is amazing!!!
    I love your desktop very much♡


  13. OMG those nutella snacks! I always see them on Tumblr, I wish they were more accessible all over the world! *screaming emoji

    chloé⎪ status.chlo


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