Food in Barcelona


 Here a small post with many appetizing food pictures about me stuffing my face with food in Barcelona last Summer.

Hier een kort bericht met veel smakelijk foto’s over mijn eet avontuur in Barcelona afgelopen zomer.


We ordered:
1 calamari 
1 spaghetti 
1 hot dog
1 eggs with bacon and french fries
3 tea
1 cola 
This café restaurant was near Sagrada Familia and we decided to grab lunch here before visiting it. 
Copeta was the name of this café restaurant and the food had a pub-ish look but was still good and mostly affordable. And the service was welcoming and their effort in making us feeling home and the effort communicating in English is just lovely. Pictures at their Facebook kind of reflects the homey-ness. 

My dad picked the hot dog and I know 80% why he picked it because it's the cheapest thing (€3,50) of the menu. 
Yup, my dad is a cheapskate and that's sometime saddens me. We are on a holiday afterall and I want my dad to be more carefree and eat 'better' food. Though my dad said it was a good hot dog.

My 2 other brothers had spaghetti and the eggs with bacon and French fries. My brothers said it was good. 
I did had a small food envy with the spaghetti but I had the calamari!

My calamari (€8,90) and it was satisfying, ate my plate clean but had better and tender calamari's in my life.


 I forgot the name of this ice cream place but seeing this menu on the wall made me stop and order. 
And the Summer heat in Barcelona too. 
This is the first time ordering an ice cream sandwich and it's a 'tutti frutti' flavored one. 
I enjoyed the crispy and not soggy waffle for once and the ice cream itself aint shabby too! Really refreshing.
Though I wished for more tutti frutti bits inside. 

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  1. That ice cream sandwich looks incredible!

    I too have that problem with my dad, but It usually works when I say the entire meal is my shout and he can have anything (and I veto his decision too :P )

    Nat | Dignifiable

  2. Everything not only looks absolutely delicious, but beautiful too!!

  3. I love food! All of these look so good, I'm so hungry right now T--T

    Big Dreamer

  4. I am laughing so hard it hurts! My Dad is the same way. When we were in San Francisco my brother and I ate delicious Greek and Thai food while my Dad wanted McDonalds or KFC. Surprisingly he got some Greek food, but it was fast and to go. Great photos :)

  5. I'm drooling. Spaghetti, Hot Dogs, and Calamari are all on my list of favorite foods. Perfect meal? I THINK SO.


  6. usually ice cream is served in a cone but the sandwiched ice cream is the first that I have exploring is fun when travelling, looks like you had a relaxing trip with your dad and brothers..

  7. Food in Barcelona is always so nice !!


  8. Barcelona is def on my bucketlist. the food looks amazing!
    your dad sounds like my dad as well. cheap no matter what. haha.

  9. WOw, die ijssandwich wil ik ook wel graag proberen!

  10. YUMMY! I would have gone for the spaghetti AND the calamari! (I'm greedy with food you see) Anyway, the ice cream sandwiches looked so good too! That's a popular thing here on the streets of singapore but it's local factory made flavors, nothing artisanal.

  11. Wow the food looks amazing, definitely made me hungry now x

    Beauty with charm | AVENE GIVEAWAY

  12. Het is te lang geleden wanneer ik door jou blog heb kunnen scrollen c: werk en werk pfff maar eindelijk c:
    En deze post heeft me hongerig gemaakt XD en ik heb ook liever goed eten als ik op vakantie ben. Ik heb altijd graag lekker eten XD haha

  13. That ice cream sandwich is not messing around!

  14. My family always gets calamari as an appetizer to share when we eat out together! We love calamari :) Haha yeah, when I travel, I like to treat myself to better food as well ^-^ Local stores are the best, because they're authentic, delicious, and more affordable :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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