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A few weeks back one of my close foodie friend asked me to join her for lunch at this new cafe in town. Lunch at a new café place, no need to ask me twice!

Beside the café is called ‘Koffiecafé Koek’ which literaly means Coffee Café Cookie, how that sound music to my ears already! I am a huge coffee and cookie monster and I totally would dig for some but again we are here for lunch because Koffiecafé Koek not only offers just coffees and cookies but has a nice compact menu with variations to choose from.

One of the variations: a high-tea, a tryout platter, picnic and of course the lunch. All for a really decent price! We would have chosen for the picnic one because it has: freshly baked waffle, ice cream or milkshake, fruit and coffee or tea but this option only served during 3PM and we were unfortunate on the earlier side. So we picked lunch which was a good choice too. And that it cost less than €8 too!

As we placed our order and took our seat outside and waiting - me and my foodie friend watch people passing by, one of our favourite activities.


Een paar weken terug vroeg een van mijn beste foodie vriendinnetje me mee uit voor een lunch in dit nieuwe café in de stad. Lunch in een nieuw café? Daar hoef je mij geen 2 keer te vragen!

Het nieuwe café heet namelijk 'Koffiecafé Koek' en als dat geen muziek in mijn oren klinkt. Ik ben namelijk een koffie en koek mens maar dat wisten jullie waarschijnlijk al. Helaas maar ook weer niet helaas, wij kwamen hier voor een lunch. Koffiecafé Koek biedt niet alleen koffie en koekjes, maar heeft een mooie compacte menu met variaties om uit te kiezen.

Een van de varianten: een high-tea, proeverij, picknick en natuurlijk de lunch. De picknick zou onze keuze zijn geweest want hierin zitten namelijk een: vers gebakken wafel, ijs of milkshake, fruit en koffie of thee, maar helaas deze optie is pas na 15:00PM beschikbaar en we waren net iets aan de vroege kant. We kozen dus voor de lunch. Die maar €7,95 kost! 

Als we onze bestelling hebben opgegeven en ons plaats nemen buiten op ’t terras is het tijd voor aapjes mensen bekijken. Een van onze favoriete bezigheden op ’t terras!

We ordered:
2x lunch (grilled cheese, coffee/tea + a biscuit, smoothie and a cereal bar/muffin) 

Smoothie: First came the homemade smoothie: yogurt, grapes and cucumber. Quite refreshing!
Grilled cheese: Secondly the grilled cheeses. Look at how gooey that grilled cheese is. And it has bacon in it! And thanks to that I sadly can't have it due me being vegetarian.  I should have asked beforehand if there's any meat involved but I would not except any meat inside a grilled cheese. The owner was kind enough to replace my grilled cheese with a tuna wrap. 
 Tuna Wrap: So here's my tuna wrap which has been placed between a sandwich iron and it was a delight!
The Service:
The tuna wrap came really late while my friend already finished her grilled cheese. This actually upset my friend more than me and blames for the lack of good service here. I was fine and more forgiving yet I knew this place was new and obviously the service and the owner were new to this whole cafe business.
After finishing our main lunch they have forgotten our tea and coffee and my friends muffin and we had to remind them. My friend was not amused. I was again fine and had more patience than my friend as she told me this will be her first and last time coming here. 
Coffee and tea: We eventually got our tea and coffee of course and it came with a biscuit and I've picked a healthy cerealbar too. 
Cookies: Their homemade cookies was delicious - so crumbly fresh and buttery! You can also buy all kind of cookies too!
I am clearly more satisfied than my friend was even with the slow and forgetful service. Koffiecafé Koek is quite new and I hope that they learn and improve throughout the experiences they gain, because this cookie cafe concept thing is lovely.

ADDRESS: Koningstraat 7 4461 AW Goes - THE NETHERLANDS
Food:  4/5 
Service: ♥ 2/5
Interior:  4/5
Price:  4/5 


  1. What a cute name for a cafe! And what cute people in the last picture :) Everything looks so tasty - though the smoothie sounds very interesting. Maybe I'll try making it one day. I didn't know you were vegetarian! My sister is vegan because she feels really sad for the animals, but interestingly enough she'll still eat fish products because she doesn't feel anything for fish...

    becky ♡ star violet

  2. This place looks such a cute little cafe! Love the name of the cafe, and that grilled cheese looks so delish!

  3. I'd have everything right now, like literally everything. It looks way too good!

  4. Ziet er lekker en super gezellig uit!

  5. Yummy!!! That's so kind that they replaced it for you! I would love a big yummy sandwich right now! Also those cookie jars look so damn good. I love biscuits and really need to bake some goodies soon to satisfy my cravings!


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