Sue Bites are sold at diverse selling points and one of them is KLUP Rotterdam, a small pop-up store owned by different sellers who joined forces together among is Sue itself of course!

I ordered1 tiramisu, 1 ginger tea

It was a tough decision but the tiramisu became my first pick. I was mostly curious how far this healthy raw Sue Bite version could impersonate the real-deal and it did for 80% actually! It lack the alcohol and I barely taste any coffee but the chocolate, the lovely and delicious chocolate and the creamy layer make it up 100%! The cake is dense and heavy, leaving me a happy and healthy feel good afterwards.
Ginger tea
Simple ginger tea with honey = warm and soothing. I like!

But wait! I ordered more (of course) for on the go! Each piece were (all €3) very delicious and still a healthy bite. I do find them kind of pricey yet justified. The salted caramel was top but the raspberry cheesecake is the absolute winner for me. 
ADDRESS:  Karel Doormanstraat 372 Rotterdami - THE NETHERLANDS 
Food:  4/5 Service: ♥ 4/5 Interior:  4/5 Price:  4/5 


There’s a place in The Netherlands where you can eat nonstop (if stomach let you) cheesecakes, salty caramel cake and tiramisu’s without gaining fat by calories and they are called ‘Sue Bites’ from SUE.

Sue Bites are little heavy miracle cakes in square shapes and they are created by miss Kim Sue. Also a Dutchie like me! Sue Bites are sugar free, gluten free, lactose free and are raw (non-baked) and vegan-friendly too, which to me automatically makes them guilty free too!

Sue Bites are healthy just like nowadays superfood ingredients combined with vegan, organic and all the other green food jazz. But not everyone will devour this healthyness with pleasure like devouring the original badbutgood ones.

But Sue Bites might change the eating habit of those anti-healthy people among us! Lets be honest, who doesn’t want to eat healthy stuff yet tasting really good too!

I ate a Sue Bite, couldn't believe my tongue and ordered a box on the-go and at last, I am a believer. Always was. @KLUP Rotterdam

Er is in Nederland een plek waar je non-stop (als je maag ‘t toe laat) cheesecakes, zout karamel cake en tiramisu kunt eten zonder dat je teveel aankomt en ze heten: 'Sue Bites' van SUE.

Sue Bites zijn kleine compacte wonder gebakjes in vierkante vormen en ze zijn gemaakt door Kim Sue. Sue Bites zijn suiker vrij, glutenvrij, lactosevrij die RAW (niet gebakken) bereid zijn en ook nog eens geschikt voor veganisten onder ons. Kortom, Sue Bites lekker en schuldig vrij genieten!

Sue Bites zijn gezond net als de superfood van tegenwoordig in combinatie met vegan, biologisch eten en al het andere groene voer. Maar niet iedereen zal deze gezonde dingen met plezier verslinden als het verslinden van de lekkere maar o zo slechte varianten.  

Maar Sue Bites zou hierin verandering brengen, want gebakjes eten die gezond en ook nog eens héél lekker zijn - wie wilt dat nou niet?

Ik at namelijk een Sue Bite, wilde eerst mijn tong niet geloven en bestelde maar nog eens voor onderweg. En ja, hoor ik ben een fan! Eigenlijk was ik dat allang natuurlijk... @KLUP Rotterdam


  1. Wow these are way healthier than they look! I should start getting into fancy healthy desserts like these!

  2. you won't feel guilty by eating Sue Bite products as they are made from healthy and raw ingredients..I will go for that too..

  3. All those succulents and cacti! <3 I also love the stone "plate" the tiramisu was served on. I really want to try the salted caramel cake! I will eat whatever I want whether it's healthy or not, but with Sue Bites, I can do it without the guilt! ;P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Woah, who knew you could make cakes raw? Sounds absolutely delicious though. The decor is so cute too, love the lil cactuses :)

    becky ♡ star violet

  5. Oh wow, I need to make a trip over there right now and try these out. Anything that looks like a dessert but is actually healthy is a win in my book!

  6. They're healthy? No way! I wouldn't have been able to stop eating them


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