My 2nd French macarons


A week ago I have redeemed baking the tough, intimidating and pricy French macarons. With success. My first time baking them was not a success in terms of looks but hey, I am a tough cookie too and giving up is just not my thing.

I have searched and digged through many recipes and my 2nd attempt was planned.
And they came out amazingly, beyond my expectation and leaving me in a macaronage-high happy feel! Yay!

The recipe: from The Tummy Train (great name) and it has great pictures in step-by-step and I totally recommend to all future macaron bakers!

The recipe by The Tummy Train uses a red bean filling, which I replaced it with a simple white chocolate (spicy) filling. 
I also want to share a short experience with my 2nd time making them because clearly there are faults too.

And last but not least I have shared a little gift DIY for you all too with these macarons!


Een week geleden ging ik voor de 2e keer de o zo intimiderend en nogal prijzig Franse macarons bakken. Mijn eerste keer was namelijk niet echt een succes in termen van uiterlijk, maar ik gaf niet op en dus bakte ik deze rakkers nog een keer.

Ik heb door land en zee van de digitale recepten wereld gezocht voor het juiste recept en poging 2 werd gepland.
En poging 2 was een succes! Beter dan mijn stoute verwachting en o zo blij! joepie!

Het magische recept: The Tummy Train (leuke naam) en heeft prachtige stap-voor-stap foto’s voor alle gemak, ietwat ik graag aanraad voor alle toekomstige macaron bakkers!

Het recept van The Tummy Train gebruikt een rode bonen vulling. Deze heb ik vervangen door een eenvoudige witte chocolade (pikant) vulling. Daarnaast wil ik een korte ervaring met jullie delen want mijn macarons waren niet 100% perfect. 

En tot slot wil ik jullie een eenvoudig cadeau DIY delen hieronder!
30 minute resting to form a skin. 

Success and faults 
As I was jumping around happily seeing all my macarons born with a foot and looking really beautiful on the outside, some of the inside were clearly under cooked, mainly the batch that were baked on the lower rack. A good learning lesson.

Spicy white chocolate filling

¼ cup white chocolate drops + powders: cinnamon, ginger, cayenne pepper, nutmeg + 1 tbsp. milk  

Gift me please!
But most importantly: they were delicious!


  1. So cute! I need to do some myself :))))

  2. Spicy white chocolate, how unusual! But I won't judge before I taste it, because sometimes the weirdest combinations are the tastiest! Congrats on your beautiful macarons, let's hope more will come!

    becky ♡ star violet

  3. These turned out so well! And spicy white chocolate filling is unexpected but it sounds really nice.

  4. Omigawsh!! I need to remake macarons too! I failed miserably my 6 attempts lol. Definitely have to try these again. And your diy gift is super adorable!!

    Join my giveaway!

  5. These look so delicious! And that last platter is gorgeous too :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  6. Omg! They look so good! I've tried baking them twice already. It was a fail both time. :')
    I need to look up this recipe, next time I attempt it.

  7. good for you for trying again! i'm very in awe of you always making and baking. sometimes the clean up process daunts me and so i avoid it altogether. plus i always seem to make too much and not a lot of my friends have a sweet tooth and so i haven't baked cookies and muffins in a while. but it's holiday season and i'm itching to get something in the oven! :)

  8. Those look incredible! I have been wanting to try making macarons for a while now.. I should go for it!

  9. These are looking amazing ! Macaroons are supposed to be super difficult to make !


  10. Mama mia, Mei! Wat een prachtwerk! Ik zag het al op je instagram, maar je laat het hier gewoon bijna makkelijk uit zien. Heb zojuist de website van the tummy train opgeslagen voor future reference. Die spicy witte chocolade vulling klinkt wel echt super goed, al ben ik ook een sucker voor rode bonen vulling. Onmomnom!! x

  11. you did it!! the macaroons are very pricey here too..I do not like them if they are too sweet..

  12. We absolutely love macaroons and yours look beautifully delicious! We can't think of anyone who wouldn't love receiving a batch as a gift!

    ISA Professional

  13. They look nice and fluffy! I'm afraid I'm not too much of a baker so I feel intimidated to try to make macaroons, but I love munching on them ;)

  14. Awesome! Baking is full of successes and failures! Omg..when I was a kid I didn't realize there was such a thing as 'dry' and 'wet' ingredients so my cookies tended to have concentrated parts with baking soda! Yuck! Your macaroons looks so delicious! I would love just the biscuits themselves! Keep on baking!

  15. These came out so nice! They look like they're straight from the bakery! Yum!


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