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A few many posts back I have posted my Autumn goals of the things I want to do in my Autumn time and let me give you an update of it!
How am I doing it so far? Neither bad nor great speaks the perfectionism in me.
Dutch autumn has been great so far in terms of sunshine and we had many of it!

Lets see what we can tick off of my Autumn list shall we?

redeem baking French macarons 1.  (here, more coming soon!)
crochet yarnfoods: large cupcakes, large soft serves and anything that pops in mind 2.
to finally release my new blog layout3.
meditate for 1 hour 4.
take fall inspired pictures 5.
make spicy chai latte 6.
Sketching 7.
cut my hair 8.
preparation for the upcoming 9. December, like buying x-mas cards
to watch GoT season five 10.

Yup it is not a complete ticked off list but that’s ok. Because you know, I am in a learning process of not to rush things. Take your time Because sometimes it’s ok to take your time to achieve a goal or to even perfect it in your own perfection way.

In the past I can be feeling bad and blue when something is not happened within the time that I wanted to finish badly (darn procrastination habit).
And I still now can feel that way and I’m trying to accept it. The motto ‘if you can’t beat them join them’ doesn’t suit entirely but dealing with frustrations each time is no fun either and I just want to live a bit more stress free and happier life. Don’t we all?

Een vele artikelen terug heb ik mijn herfst doelen opgesteld en die ik graag tijdens de mooie Nederlandse herfst wilden bereiken. En dus daarom even een korte update met jullie delen: hoe doe ik het tot nu toe? Niet slecht noch goed spreekt het perfectionisme in mij.

Hieronder mijn herfst doelen en wat ik allemaal heb kunnen doen dusver:

1. Het Franse macarons verbeteren (hier, more coming soon!)
2. haken: grote cupcakes, grote soft ijs en alles wat in mijn gedachte opduiken
3. mijn nieuwe blog layout presenteren
4. voor 1 uur mediteren
5. mooie herfst foto’s maken
6. chai latte brouwen en opdrinken
7. eindeloos schetsen
8. mijn haar laten knippen
9. voorbereiding opdoen voor de december maand, zoals kerstkaarten kopen
10. Seizoen 5 van GoT kijken 

Inderdaad, een niet volledige afgevinkt lijst maar wat geeft dat. Ik ben namelijk in een leerproces in het tijd nemen van dingen. Neem de tijd, want soms is het gewoon ok om tijd te nemen. Ik geloof dat je uiteindelijk toch dat ​doel zal bereiken en deze zelfs te perfectioneren in jouw ogen.

In het verleden kan ik soms zo slecht over mezelf voelen wanneer iets niet binnen de tijd is afgemaakt en wat ik zo graag steevast wilden afmaken (uitstelgedrag, grrr). En ook nu nog kan ik me zo voelen en ik probeer het ook meer te accepteren. Het Engelse motto ‘if you can’t beat them, join them, past misschien niet helemaal hierbij, ik wil wel vrede hebben met alles. Uiteindelijk streven we toch met z,n alle naar een gelukkiger leven, toch?

Celebrated my papa's birthday with surprise surprise! A Chinese supper!

I went to: Utrecht
Utrecht is to me the mini version of Amsterdam and I love it here! It's a shame we didn't get any sunshine throughout the whole day. 

'Later he stood in the bright grove, looking at the stars, now along with his grief, he got the hiccups'
At some mall and there it was a slide! I would have went for a ride if the houserules (kids only) and the pleading of my friends didn't stopped me.

A fun night out for me is: playing Cards against Humanity. At the Starbucks.

New hair!
Shamefully these were my only Fall inspired pictures. 

Bag&Buy @Utrecht 
When I was in Utrecht one of the shops I really want to shop at was Bag&Buy. This shop recently made it to our local news because it's our first Dutch packaging free grocery store and that's a great thing really! 
For not using any plastic wrappers, carton boxes and other type of wrapping will of course help the environment. All you need is to bring your own containers/pots/tin jars etc. to fill up your goods or you can buy a glass jar at their store too.
Apart being green friendly they also sell products that are organic, from local produces and even diet friendly products too. 

Of course this may end up a bit in a pricier bill than your usual grocery shopping but on the other hand you'll get all of the above in return.

I came here for the pasta because I was running low on that. And what else?

I was very surprised of their assortment because it was quite various: lots of pasta/rice/grain, tea, coffee, sweets, chocolate, oils and vinegar, wine, spices, dried fruit and even fresh yogurt, eggs and honey! 
I also made my own peanut butter! 
(psst you can also try-taste some of the food too, the mango crema above is YUM on toast)

Still my everyday business! 

 Just testing how meringue would react on silicone molds. Not too bad isn't it? 


  1. The food photos looks so delicious! I'm intrigued by the kiwi lemon face mask product!!
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

  2. Looks like a pretty good autumn! I am loving your new hair! My autumn has been so rainy I'm afraid I have missed seeing the pretty changing leaves :(

  3. I love your mantra towards goals about not rushing anything just to have them ticked off! Been feeling a lot like that lately. And omgosh, that Bag&Buy concept is great, loved seeing your photos and explanation of it all. More places should try that! xx

  4. Always love your photos! New hair so cute <3

    Big Dreamer

  5. You got a lot of things done, and I think that's the important thing! Utrecht is so pretty - I didn't know such a place existed. The only Utrecht I know of is an art store, hahaha. The packaging free grocery store is such a neat idea, I wish we had some here! Though for NYC, it would probably be stupid expensive.

    becky ♡ star violet

  6. The slide in that department store!! Love the new hair too

  7. The slide! :o

    I really like the concept of the grocery store, that's great!
    Utrecht is a lovely city indeed!

  8. Found familiar dishes in this post of yours..that's the Chinese food..Happy Belated Birthday to your Papa!!

  9. i have tried yoga on and off for so many years and it's just so hard to stick with it. i admire folks who do it though - not only for the flexibility but the incredible level of concentration and focus!

  10. Your scarf looks so cozy! And I don't think I've ever come across a place like Bag&Buy before! The closest I've gotten is maybe M&M World or something haha -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  11. I'm not familiar with Utrecht but it looks like a very lovely place! & your hair/bangs! so cute!! The style looks nice on you :)


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