Shopping area in Barcelona


Shops, malls, stand and markets, it’s all here in Barcelona. And they didn’t disappoint me!
In the earlier post, I praised about this market and today I want to bring you guys to another shopping area in Barcelona. Mostly random streets with fine & budget shops and of course La Rambla.

My friend S. who has been in Barcelona before recommended me to visit La Rambla and I’m glad she did. La Rambla is a 1,2km boulevard and one of the busiest in Barcelona. In my opinion: one of the greenest.

One of the things I like to do as well is to compare price tags with my country (Holland) and the foreign one. I can tell that fresh produce in Barcelona is cheaper than my country. Eating out is also affordable in Barcelona. As for the clothes, shoes and other gears: more at the next post!


Winkels, winkelcentra, kraampjes en markten, het is er allemaal in Barcelona. En ze stellen me niet teleur! In de eerdere post prees ik over deze markt en vandaag neem ik jullie mee naar een van de fijne winkel gebieden in Barcelona. Het zijn vooral de doorsnee straten met eenmanszaakjes, budget winkels en natuurlijk La Rambla.    

Vriendin S. die al eerder in Barcelona geweest was, raadde mij aan om La Rambla te bezoeken en ik ben blij met haar raad. La Rambla is een 1,2km straat en een van de drukste in Barcelona. Naar mijn mening: een van de groenste.

Naast het bezoeken van een van de drukste straten in Barcelona is prijs kaartjes vergelijken! Ik kan u vertellen dat de verse producten in Barcelona goedkoper is dan Nederland. Uit eten ook. En kleding, schoenen en andere draagbare dingen? Dat voor de volgende keer!

La Rambla

La Rambla is a 1,2km touristy street/boulevard and I've enjoyed this one! La Rambla is jam packed as you can see but still comfortable to venture around because it's spacious. Apparently it used to be a river! 
La Rambla is also jam packed with restaurants (lots of paella at the terrace), newspaper stands, street artists, flower shops and my favorite: the greenery a.k.a the trees. Lots of trees that forms a tunnel, I like! La Rambla is also an important place that connects the districts within Barcelona such as 'Barri Gotic' (my favorite - more soon!) and El Raval.
I applaud this guy for not caring the germs. I also applaud for him doing a backward flip after. And no, I don't think he's a street artist, just a happy tourist.

Another vintage market

Budget goes
Lots of 1-dollar shops with high assortment of merchandise, hurray! Often owned by foreign people and my kind of place to shop really. The fresh produce such as fruit & vegetables at local supermarkets are again really cheap and good! Me and my family bought a bunch and ate them in our hotel rooms c: 
One of the many lovely interior shops. This one had a huge sale!


 A little souvenir ahead from Barcelona to my dearest. 

Buying stamps in Barcelona is not hard and can be bought at the many tobacco shops/kiosk. The airmail system of Spain/Barcelona is Correos and their yellow mailboxes can be found at almost every street corner in Barcelona.
Next post: Hotel tour + review!


  1. It is quite funny seeing from different people's perspectives! I didn't think that Barcelona was so cheap especially the goods at La Rambla!

    Nat\ Dignifiable

  2. Looks like an exciting and fun place to visit. You look so lovely dressed all in white.

  3. hahaha was that happy tourist doing push up? i've only been in barcelona once and i loved it so much. i love how alive the city is!

  4. Ziet er leuk uit! Prachtige foto's ook :)

  5. I've always wanted to go to Barcelona. When I first looked at your photos I thought you were in Rome, ecause La Rambla looks a lot like a street in Rome where I got lost haha.

  6. It looks like such a busy and exciting place!

  7. Shopping/ window shopping in La Rambla was a real treat when my husband and I visited last year. We just had to be extra cautious because we were told beforehand that a lot of petty theft occurs at La Rambla because tourists are not paying much attention to their belongings as they are too busy looking at other things.

  8. I love looking at all your summery pictures, especially because it's cold and rainy here now

  9. Affordable food is all I need when I'm traveling! I love markets, especially the crafty ones, but sometimes it feels like torture, because artisans often don't want their stuff photographed unless you guy it, but my budget won't let me buy everything I like :'( -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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