The bricks, cement and ceramics of Barcelona


After the first night in Spain, a good breakfast from the hotel breakfast buffet and the Google map ready in my phone me and my family were ready to hit the city center of Barcelona!

In order to keep my Google Map running
I was depending mostly on free wi-fi spots in the city and sadly my phone doesn’t always catch the signals properly.
That’s when the paper map came always beat technology.

Anyways! On our first day we explored the city on foot and visit a few Gaudi hotspots of Barcelona: Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló and the many other timeless buildings in old and modern coats. O Barcelona, you sure don’t lack in art and architecture. And good food, absolutely.

Na mijn allereerste nacht in Spanje, een goed ontbijtje van het hotel ontbijtbuffet en de Google Map brandend in mijn telefoon, waren ik en mijn familie helemaal blij en klaar om Barcelona te ontdekken!

Om mijn Google Map draaiende te houden, was ik ontzettend afhankelijk van de gratis wi-fi hotspots in de stad en helaas ving mijn telefoon deze signalen niet altijd optimaal op. Dit is waarom de papieren kaart altijd wint van dit soort dilemma’s.

Maar goed. Op onze eerste dag gingen we de stad te voet verkennen en we bezochten een paar Gaudi hotspots binnen Barcelona: Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló en de vele andere tijdloze gebouwen die zowel in oude en moderne jassen zijn gestoken. Barcelona, geen gebrek aan kunst en architectuur. En lekker eten, absoluut.  

As always...
Breakfast first! 

La Sagrada Família 
Of course when you visit Barcelona you visit this showpiece of a building: Sagrada Família. Designed by the great man Antoni Gaudi. The building means 'Holy Family'. As you can see the Holy Family is surrounded by scaffolds and deeply in restoration work in process. And that's a bummer of course because I want to witness this great basilica in her pure form but o well.  
We didn't bought tickets to go inside and we just walked around this magnificent building and took visual note of the countless highly detailed and typical Gaudi's designs on the building. My favorites are these top pieces. Don't they look like fruits?! Please tell me they are fruit. 
Spotting a futuristic one with the round windows.

Torre Agbar, doesn't it look like a pencil? Apparently at night it flashes a nice light show off the building.

Casa Batlló
This 'casa' is one of the things I really want to tick off of my Barcelona-Bucket list. Again, we didn't bought tickets to venture inside (long queues) but that's ok because the beholding from the outside is breathtaking.
A churros stop
@Xurreria Sagarda Família ♥♥♥3/5 
Each bite into the churros left me sugar lipped. 

One of the Spanish delicacy is the churros and sometimes labeled as the 'Spanish doughnut'. It is after all invented in Spain! And it's no suprise I'm a huge lover of this badboy food. 
 I've accidentally found this lovely small almost hidden in the wall churros & chips shop 'Xurreria Sagarda Família'. That's right, this family business is founded in 1950 and sells churros and chips! 
Our service spoke barely English but we managed to order our churros and a stop at their toilet facility. Mine was churros with Nutella (€2,50), a choice whom quickly made. And what a rich delicacy! Maybe too rich because the Nutella overwhelmed the churros, leaving me more a mouthful of Nutella than pastry. I'll try their chips next time! 
 Next time!


  1. omg !!! the quality of your photos are just jaw dropping !!!

  2. Sagrada familia is not in restoration! It's a work in progress; they are still building it. It's been nearly 140 years I believe. From memory, I think it will finally be completed in a few years.

  3. UGH I LOVE CHURROS. They're easily one of my favorite desserts! The streets in Spain are so cute, very homey :)

    becky ♡ star violet

  4. Love the buildings there!
    Your outfit is so cute! I love the shoes <3

    Big Dreamer

  5. Oh man I'm so excited for Barcelona! I think they've never technically finished building La Sagrada Familia, it's been like a hundred years in the making haha but apparently it's going to be finished in 2025!

  6. The architecture is stunning! And I love that traveling abroad makes you need to rely on paper maps when you don't have wifi, makes it more of an adventure! :)


  7. Wel jammer dat het zo druk was, maar het ziet er allemaal erg leuk en mooi uit! :3

  8. That totally looks like fruit! As I was looking at your photos I was like, wait a minute, are those bananas and grapes up there?! I've seen a lot of photos of the Sagrada Familia but never those fruit tops! Learn something new everyday :D

  9. Such a beautiful place! And of course, all the food looks incredible!

  10. Oh wow the architecture is just amazing! You'd never find things like that in other places than europe! How authentic and beautiful and also the churros!! OMG. I could use a couple of those!

  11. Adding nutella to something makes it seem almost illegal, doesn't it? I was wondering when we'd get to see pictures of the beautiful architecture in Barcelona

  12. you captured the city beautifully

  13. it is always nice to go for holidays with families..we have not gone for holiday for the whole year this year..hope to go for holiday next year.

  14. Aww, churros! need to get some with hot chocolate pretty soon, once the Indian Summer leaves us for good :) We usually make fun here how we will never see the end of the Sagrada Familia work, I think if it ever finishes I will not be able to recognize her without the tow trucks, hahahhaa. They must definitely be fruits, perfect guessing!

  15. amazing detail on the architecture. and amazing food too! :)

  16. Paper maps are great souvenirs ;) Love your dress! And the churros look soooo good! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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