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I’ve not prepared anything yet for the upcoming Christmas/my birthday and days are ticking off and this is making me feel festive-stressy. Ugh, why does it matter to me! Because because.

And on top of that matter, I have a practical driving exam soon and I feel nauseous in my belly. But I kind of felt that since day 1 anyways. I’m unfortunate no born natural driver. Although I do have to say I do kick bum with Mario Kart but I don’t think throwing banana skins and turtle shells would give me extra bonus points with my exams…

Sigh. Let me sulk away with food first and I’ll be alright.


Ik heb nog niets voorbereid voor de komende kerst/mijn verjaardag en dagen tikken door en mijn stress meter stijgt. Ugh, waarom is dit belangrijk voor mij? Kan ik het niet achterwege laten? Helaas niet.

En als klap op de vuurpijl van al de stress moet ik binnenkort ook nog een auto examen afrijden. Mijn buik is er misselijk van, maar eigenlijk had ik dit al sinds het begin. Ik ben helaas geen geboren talent in autorijden. Alhoewel, ik ben best een kei met Mario Kart, maar ik denk niet dat het gooien van bananenschillen en schildpadden me extra bonuspunten zou geven tijdens het afrijden…

Zucht. Laat me even tot bezinking komen met lekkers en dan komt het wel goed.

 My weakness for good looking packaging lead me to this steamy boil of noodles with a raw yolk at home, enjoying!

Delicious sugarfree (thank you stevia!) rock chocolate! From Bag&Buy store. 

 I love Oreo's and I love peanut butter but the two together unfortunately didn't created a food marriage inside my mouth. It was just ok, but more shockingly: I couldn't find any trace of peanut ingredients on the ingredient list. 

Eating a sugar -, gluten and dairy free salted caramel cake from SUE. More at this post!

 Mug-cakes are fast to make thanks to the microwave, delicious and mostly easy to make nowadays which makes them really popular in the sweet tooth lazy households. I also made a batch of these goodies in ceramics but with a tiny bit more effort: these are not dinged. Recipe coming soon! 


  1. It's not christmas just yet, so try and relax about that, there's still plenty of time to get a bit festive! And that rock chocolate looks amazing, maybe something to try... And good luck on your driving exam, I'm sure it will be fine! :)

    Filippa ⎮ http://alwaysadot.blogspot.com

  2. Ah good luck for the driving exam. I'm no natural born driver either. Those noodles look so fancy! I could go for them even though I just polished off a bowl myself haha.

  3. Such a yummy post. ^^
    Have a nice Friday...

  4. The good looking instant noodle packaging got me too. Would get it if I see it! Thank you for sharing :)

    Real Life Nerd // www.vivienekok.com

  5. Oooh love the package design of those noodles!
    I love curry udon so I like the idea of curry flavored ramen noodles :P

  6. looks yummy >.<


  7. Food is always my go to when I'm stressed too haha. The chocolates look especially good though.

    Good luck on your exam!


  8. Goodluck for your driving exam! You can do it :)

    That packaging is super cute!

    nat | Dignifiable

  9. de verpakking van de instant noedels ziet er heel funky uit! Ik moet ook maar eens weer aan de mugcakes. Zo simpel maar zo, zo lekker. dump wat cranberries in een vanillebeslag, echt een goddelijke combo! (Als je nog wat yoghurt bijvoegt is het nog verrukkelijker ��)

  10. The noodles look delicious! Good luck on your exam! I was very nervous when I first started driving too, now I never even think about it :)

  11. Good luck to your driving exam. Everyone would be nervous in any kind of exam. My father was nervous too, he was there during my driving test..

  12. Super yummy bits you've got there! I plan to indulge in purchases next month for christmas like a cake and some goodies for my boyfriend's family and some beauty/skincare products for myself! I love instant noodles and love adding egg, meatballs and vegetables! Those cakey bits you had looked great! I hope to visit more cafes soon to try out cakes and places I've never been to!

  13. Ik moet ook nog alles voorbereiden voor Kerst XD en een paar verjaardagen. Maar het komt wel in orde! zeker weten c: en die noodles zien er goed uit! de verpakking is ook zo leuk :D

  14. hope you do well on your driving exam!

  15. You make the instant noodles look so good! Good luck with your driving exam! Oh gosh, I need to learn how to drive soon... -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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