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In my previous ‘Food in Barcelona’ post, comfort food such as calamari’s, spaghetti and ice cream were the main topics. Today’s post is also all about comfort food but with a bit more Spain touch and tradition.

I’m talking about paella!

Paella is a Spanish rice dish and I’m with no doubt a rice loving person! Anything rice is good and you’ll find me on board!
I remember this guy saying ‘rice is a poor people food’. I´m sorry but since when food is class divided? Of course some food is pricier than other but I think you should never label food. Especially comfort food.
Anyway, sorry for the little rant. Lets go back to my favourite: rice!

We had paella at a budget restaurant which I have forgotten the name of. It was my dad who spotted a €8-9 paella dish and dragged us inside for supper. Scroll down for the mini verdict.

Before supper we also had a quick lunch at chain café called 365 Café. Check that one out too!    

In mijn vorige 'Food in Barcelona' post was ‘comfort food’, zoals calamari, spaghetti en ijs de sterren. De post van vandaag gaat ook over comfort food, maar dan met een Spaanse tint en traditie.

Ik heb het over de paella natuurlijk!

Paella is een Spaans rijstgerecht en mijn liefde voor rijst is geen twijfel! Zit er rijst in? Dan heb je me.
Ik herinner me dat deze man dit over rijst zei, namelijk: 'rijst is voedsel voor arme mensen'. Ik wist niet dat er een hiërarchie was voor voedsel? Natuurlijk heb je prijsklasse, maar ga nou niet voedsel labelen. Vooral niet bij comfort food.
Hoe dan ook, sorry voor dit mini getier.
Laten we teruggaan naar de ster: rijst!

Voor het avondeten hadden we paella gegeten bij een budget restaurant waarvan ik de naam niet meer weet. Het was mijn vader die de € 8-9 paella spotte en sleepte ons naar binnen. Lees meer hier onder!
Ook de snelle lunch in café keten genaamd 365 Café!

4 hour break 
@ 365 Café -  ♥ 4/5
We ordered: 2 coffee + pastry, 2 cheese baguette, 1 Fanta
Pecan pastry + caffé latte
I had the 'pastry & coffee' combo that cost me €1,70! What a steal right. Normally a coffee in my country cost around the same amount of money but here at 365 Café you'll get a pastry of choice with it! I've chosen the 'pecan' pastry one. 
How are the quality? Not bad. Really not bad or anything special really. 
This 365 Café has a spacious nice minimum modern interior. The tables were unfortunately not cleaned well (lots of sticky table and crumbs) but apart of that, the seats are comfy. 
There are power sockets too. To get wi-fi just purchase something, save the receipt because there you'll find the wi-fi code on there. 


Vegetable paella 
I forgot the name of this restaurant, but it was a street restaurant-ish with budget meals like the paella's. 
Seafood paella is my #1 but this time I've decided to go on board with the vegetables. Which is still very yummy! However the paella rice is a bit too moist for my liking. My brothers had the seafood one and I had a moment of regrets. More other paella's soon!


  1. Oh my goodness, that paella looks amazing! Whoever said that rice is poor people food is clearly misguided!

  2. Hmm, pecan pastry is something I would definitely like to try!

    Have a great day,

  3. I agree with you; there are of course pricier/difficult to obtain food ingredients, but rice is a staple for a lot of dishes. ANYWAY the paella looks amazing! nom!

  4. I love rice too, and that giant bowl of goodness looks like a dream!

  5. Oh yum. And now I'm way too hungry for 7 AM

  6. Yummy! I totally am craving flaky sweet pastries now! GRRR! Also I've haven't eaten a paella before! I totally must eat one next time given the chance! Love moist flavorful rice, that guy who said rice is a poor people's food is an idiot!


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