When I was Utrecht, I arrived around 12:00PM and that means lunchtime. Along with my friends W. and B. we head over to HOOI (means 'hay' in Dutch) for a nice organic veggie friendly lunch.
I never been to HOOI before and trying out a new food place is always I look forward and get excited to.

HOOI is located in the Burgemeester Reigerstraat, a very long street with good looking one-man shops, cafés and restaurants. I’ve spotted of a few of them and they make me want to go back, but firstly: HOOI.

HOOI is a rather small but cosy café. I regret for not making a reservation beforehand because it full!  I blame my friends because they couldn’t make up their minds where to eat lunch…
Luckily we managed to get a table, because a gentleman gave up this 4-men table and he went to sit near the bar. How kind!

There also was a kids birthday party going on back then. Just to make HOOI merrier (the entire café sang happy birthday) but I was more impressed that these kids prefer organic green friendly food over a Happy Meal.

Toen ik in Utrecht was, kwam ik aan rond 12:00PM en dat betekent lunchtijd. Samen met mijn vrienden W. en B. gingen we naar HOOI voor een smakelijk organische veggie vriendelijke lunch.
HOOI is nieuw voor mij en keek er erg naar uit. Nieuwe dingen uitproberen blijft gewoon leuk en spannend.

HOOI is gelegen in de Burgemeester Reigerstraat, een lange straat met eenmanszaakjes, zoals: winkels, cafés en restaurants. Ik zag zeker een paar leukjes tussen, maar eerst: HOOI.

HOOI is een vrij kleine knusse café. Toch een beetje spijt dat ik niet gereserveerd heb, want het was vol bij binnenkomst. De schuld leg ik lekker neer bij mijn vrienden, omdat zij hun keuze niet konden maken waar we zouden lunchen…
Een hele lieve meneer gaf zijn tafel aan ons en hijzelf ging bij de bar zitten, zo attent!

Er was ook een kinderfeestje gaande toen. Dit bracht HOOI nog meer in de gemoedelijke sfeer (het hele café zong voor de jarige job), maar ik was meer onder de indruk dat deze kinderen liever biologische groene voedsel aten dan een Happy Meal.

We ordered:
2 'soup of the week' (tomato, paprika soup with crème fraîche)
1 grilled cheese
1 orange juice
1 apple & pear juice
1 green smoothie
2 apple rhubarb crumble 
Before we dig in, check out this cutest napkin ever! 

The soup
HOOI cooks different soup per week (€6,90) and I had the: tomato paprika with a dollop of crème fraîche with croutons on top. It came with a slice of toast and salted butter - served on a nice wooden plank. The presentation has a great farmers style and really activates my taste buds. Thank goodness it taste good as it looks like! Also nice to know that HOOI use fresh local ingredients and everything is organic and homemade. 
TIP: add grounded pepper for extra spice!
Our table was right next to the bar/kitchen and it's hard to ignore the bowls of apple rhubarb crumble. Me and friend W. so ordered them.

Apple rhubarb crumble
I was so looking forward to this because I love apple crumble (who doesn't) but never had one with rhubarb. The apple rhubarb crumble were firstly reheated in the oven to arrive hot at our table. 
I joyfully dig my spoon into the bowl and secondly into my mouth. What a nice first bite! The 2nd too. And the 3rd... 
But I do miss a hint of spice init, especially cinnamon & nutmeg. This treat cost €3,30,- 
Green smoothie
HOOI has different green smoothies per day. Mine: spinach, avocado, coconut and pear (€4,00,-). I thought it was quite pricey for a glass, but considered that all of these greens are organic and local, I was in peace. Drinking this will not only make you feel healthy but it sure was heavy and filling. But mostly healthy. 
I'll admit: I'm not a smoothie person. I guess I prefer eating solid food more instead of blitzed-into-bits food, but I was bold and I want to try out liquid spinach somehow. Thank goodness this green stuff tasted pretty well! I didn't taste lots of spinach however, but the avocado were coconut were powerful and flavorsome. 

ADDRESS: Burgemeester Reigerstraat 25 Utrecht, THE NETHERLANDS
Food:  4/5 
Service: ♥ 4/5
Interior:  4/5
Price:  4/5 


  1. Wow! What a cute little place. The food looks really good :)

    Nat | Dignifiable

  2. wow look so delicious

  3. The best part of traveling is always the FOOD. This looks amazing and I actually just had a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch this week. So good and so easy to make.


  4. this is looking so lovely !


  5. Everything looks so delicious!

  6. You forgot the change the address at the end of the post :p

    It looks nice :]

  7. Organic food are more expensive..but much healthier.

  8. That place looks so cute, and the food sounds delicious. I am hoping to see some more healthy restaurants pop up in my town, it's nice to have the option of staying healthy when you go out to eat.

  9. Amazing post dear! Have a nice weekend:)

  10. Looks delicious and healthy! Love that they use fresh, local ingredients.

  11. Oh how awesome that those guys moved and you got the table! I can't stand it when people can't make up their mind but I do get it when girls don't want to disappoint or seem picky but then we end up taking so long! The soups looked amazing!


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