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Vietnamese cuisine is something I like to eat but not often eaten. I find Vietnamese restaurants not as popular as the Chinese or Japanese restaurants however Vietnamese food caravans selling deep fried spring rolls are loved and almost everywhere to be found.
If you find well enough you can definitely dig up (a good) Vietnamese restaurants, and we found Kimmade in Urecht. Thank you Google Maps.

Kimmade specializes in Vietnamese street food and my my, I happen to be a fan of comfort street food! They also sell bubble tea and that’s always a good thing.
Me and my friends were lucky enough to conquer a place to eat at the bar because let me warn you, this place is tiny!
Rumours have it that they are planning to move to a bigger place so that’s a good sign.

With our food being made right in front of our noses, lets see what Kimmade has to offer our hungry bellies?   

Vietnamese keuken is iets wat ik graag eet, maar ook niet vaak eet. De Vietnamese restaurants is naar mijn mening niet zo populair als de Chinese of Japanse restaurants echter de Vietnamese loempia's zijn geliefd en bijna overal op markten te verkrijgen.
Als je maar goed zoekt dan vindt je een goed Vietnamese restaurants, en we vonden Kimmade in Urecht. Met dank aan Google Maps.

Kimmade is gespecialiseerd in Vietnamese eten van de ‘straat’ en gelukkig is dat een van mijn favoriete eten! Ze verkopen ook bubble tea en dat is altijd goed.
Ik en mijn vrienden hadden het geluk om een plaats te veroveren, want Kimmade is een piepklein restaurant.
Geruchten gaan dat ze van plan zijn te verhuizen naar een grotere vesting en dat lijk me een positief teken.

Wat heeft Kimmade te bieden voor ons hongerige buikjes?

We ordered: 3 bubble teas, 2 caramelized shrimp rice meal, 1 vegetable spring rolls and 1 beef satay noodle meal 
For starters: veggie springs! It came with these 3 vibrant dips: peanut sauce and vinegar dipping sauces. The peanut sauce: yum! The middle vinegar dip was bitter and lack of flavor and I didn't like it, but the last vinegar bowl was a much better dip! Spicy, sweet and sour, I like it.
The spring rolls were handmade in front of our noses and tasted fresh but a bit bland too. You really need the dippings to enhance the spring rolls. Me and my friend did wished they were steamed beforehand because they were a bit too raw for our likings.
Caramelized shrimp rice
Me and B. ordered this and the bowl screams color and flavor and I am glad it taste flavorsome too!  Vietnamese food is known for less use of oil and mayor use of fresh ingredients. This main is spicy, tangy and the vegetables are fresh and almost raw even. They were also generous with the shrimps so it's not a bad main for just a 8 buck bowl.
Green tea bubble tea with green tea bubble jellies
I was so looking forward for bubble tea with tapioca balls but the tapioca were sold out! Being forced to pick something else, I end up with the green tea bubble jellies as topping. This was actually not a bad topping choice.
ADDRESS:  Mariastraat 2 3511 LP, Utrecht - THE NETHERLANDS 
Food:  4/5 Service: ♥♥ 4/5 Interior:  2/5 Price:  4/5 


  1. I don't think there are any Vietnamese restaurants where I live, but the food looks so good I would really love to try it!

  2. I actually ate spring rolls the other day, but never tired viet style. Thanks for the description!!! Overall it looks delicious!!! Hope you had a great time with your friend c:

  3. Whenever I go to a Vietnamese restaurant, I always get summer rolls and Thai tea, and if I'm feeling hungry, I'll also get some pho! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. There are a few Vietnamese restaurants in nyc, and I think I've ordered takeout from them a couple of times. I'm not sure why Vietnamese restaurants are not more popular.
    Blue Jazzmin

  5. The spring roll looks good! I'm agree with the bland taste. I've tried spring roll before and it's too bland without any sauce ><

    Big Dreamer

  6. Looks so good! I love spring rolls.


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