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I’m counting my days off without an advert calendar: Christmas, birthday and holiday! Regardless I’m thrilled with joy and a bit of terror because this final month is thé final month and a time to sum up my 2015. Have I reached my resolutions/goals? Have I become a better person or did I stay neutral?

I don’t know. But I’m quite a simple lively person anyways. Or that’s what my nearest say about me.

Lately I have dinner and lunch dates with my friends. A great (temporary) calm before the storm distress: holiday stress. Lets see what I have done so far!
Writing cards: check.
Packing and wrapping: almost check.
Buying gifts for families: not check.
Food ideas and prep: not done.
A Christmas inspired DIY: coming up!
Stay continued!


Kerstmis, verjaardag en vakantie: dit alles zal in enkele weken plaatsvinden en ik tel de dagen dan ook af. Zonder een adventskalender. Desondanks toch vrolijk maar ook angstig want dit alles gebeurt alweer in de laatste maand en een moment om 2015 terug te blikken. Heb ik mijn voornemens waargemaakt? Ben ik een beter mens geworden of ben ik neutraal gebleven?

Ik weet het niet, maar ik ben best wel een levensgenieter aldus de woorden van mijn naasten.

De laatste tijd was het ook leuk! Ik had diner- en lunch afspraakjes met vriendjes en vriendinnetjes! Een heerlijke (tijdelijke) zen momentje als stilte voor de storm: feestdagen stress. Wat heb ik tot nu toe gedaan?
Kaarten schrijven: check.
Inpakken en verpakken: bijna.
Cadeaus kopen voor de familie: ongedaan
Eet ideeën en voorbereiding: ongedaan.
Een Kerst geïnspireerd DIY: binnenkort!
Blij je nog even bij?

What do yo do when you have a voucher for 2 = 1 breakfast price? Exactly.

Busy writing and wrapping Christmas stuff.
Celebrated Dutch holiday 'Sinterklaas' with 'pepernoten' cupcake at work!

 First time playing COD on the X-Box and I suck'd. 
Baking cheesy pancakes

 Revisiting old recipes
Garlic baked fries! Recipe: here.

 Steamed custard buns. I have improved this one, might create a re-vamped recipe post on this one. But for now, the recipe is here.

And my most recent one: sugar free cupcakes. Recipe is here

My WIP's

Date with gamers and foodies

Bloggers reunited
I have meet up with Yak Man and Jessy again! I sure have missed these girls, so I was really looking forward for our dinner date at Vapiano. Yak Man's boyfriend also joined this little reunion.
Our first choice was Happy Italy but there was a huge line outside. Outside! Something that you don't see a lot in Holland really but the queue was real and we decided to go to Vapiano. I have eaten before so it was not a bad choice either. 
We ordered: risotto funghi, pasta scampi spinaci, pizza scampi e rucola, pasta tenderloin and a plate anti pasti. DESSERT: cheesecake (disappointingly dry), panna cotta, tiramisu, chocolate tart with raspberry. 
 I have baked macarons for the girls!

 We end our evening with card game called 'Cards Against Humanity'. That's right, a game for horrible people. Ha.
See the post of our first meet-up: here!

Another date (hiya Sjobi!) where we end up playing a game for horrible people! 


  1. So I'm sort of panicking now because I haven't gotten any Christmas shopping done, hahahaha. These photos are fantastic!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  2. time flies, counting days to wave good bye to 2015. Hope you have accomplished lots this year.

  3. I love Cards of Humanity even if it makes me an awful person, haha :) All the food in this post is making me so hungry!

  4. omg, this post made me hungry ahah all the food looks amazing and delicious :D xoxo

  5. Ooooh girl, I hope to see that improved bun recipe soon! My dad loves them, so I think I will attempt to make some for him :) With final projects for school, I don't feel the holiday spirit quite yet haha...

    becky ♡ star violet

  6. I've been intrigued at that game, cards against humanity! Was it hilarious?!

  7. Mmm, cheesy pancakes sound great! And cards against humanity is always a good, and crazy time!

  8. Your blog and post structure is marvelous! And all these pictures made me SO hungry. I'm definitely heading to the kitchen right after this, haha.

    Thanks for sharing. This post is too cute.

  9. I'd heard of that card game, but I have not had the chance to play it yet!


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