Pictures that didn't make it 2015


31 December, it’s been a while but we have made it to the end and 2015, you were a pretty good year to me! Hopefully I’ve grown a bit too. It’s a year of everyday experience again and that also comes along with snapping pictures.

A picture re-caps of my year, that’s for sure but I also have pictures that didn’t made it to a post yet until now. These pictures either didn’t satisfy me, to avoid picture spam post (so tempting) or I forgot about them. Nonetheless I’m putting them in the spotlights now, enjoy!


31 december, alweer maar we hebben het gehaald. 2015, je was een goed jaar geweest en ik ben best een tevreden mens. Hopelijk een gegroeid tevreden mens. Een jaar is lang en ik ben sowieso rijker geworden in ervaring. Vaak vertaald in foto’s.

Daarom een bundel foto’s als samenvatting van mijn jaar, maar ik heb ook foto’s die net niet mijn blog haalde. Deze foto’s werden het niet dus omdat ze simpelweg lelijk waren, om foto spam te vermijden (soms zo verleidelijk) of heel stom: ik vergeten ben. Daarom wil ik deze foto’s eerst in het zonnetje zetten!


I happen to have tried Häagen Dazs Belgium waffle. They were not bad, but I think I should have gone for their ice cream.

NYE dinner with Hong Kong family! I can't believe it's been a year. More here!

My favorite vegetable toast spread.

Failure recipes
Tempted chocolate strawberry tart, green tea vegan panna cotta and pear cake. 

Forgotten yarnfood

You might have spot them in my IG however!

 I suppose to post these wip's artwork. 

Randoms: holiday & me's


  1. omg. your chocolate strawberry tart looks delicious though omg !!! and your art is just wow beautiful!! I wish to see more of your art haha. Happy New Yearღ

  2. The chocolate strawberry tart looks so delicious! Happy New Year :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. woaaah, you really great at drawings too :) beside the cute yarnfoods. Happy New year! Hope 2016 will brings you more art skill

  4. Happy New Year Mei! I got your mail :) Mine will be a little late. :(
    Hooray for these photos! x

  5. Love the ice cream crochet!! And it's funny to read that those were your dessert failures as they look so good! :) Hope you have the best this 2016, I'm eager to follow your adventures!

  6. You're so cute in the last one!! I have a lot of pictures like these too - I try not to have toooo many pictures in a post but sometimes it's inevitable haha. Wishing you the best 2016!

    becky ♡ star violet


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