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Christmas is over and it was a good one. I’m honestly glad that it’s over too because I’ve been cooking and baking non stop the last couple of days and it got me really stressful. Thank goodness everything I’ve cooked and baked turned out edible and no one was starving on Christmas day.

I’ve cooked for the very first time: turnip cake! My favourite dimsum dish which is dish made out of turnip and rice flour and it turned pretty ok actually! I’ve baked a chocolate Christmas cake and green tea rolls too. All of this coming soon!
On the 2nd Christmas day we went ‘gourmetten’ which is a sort of indoor grilling thing and a pretty common thing to do here in Holland during festive days.

We didn’t do anything special with Christmas this year. It’s pretty much the same like last year with much food of course.
So as the title says and you might have guessed it, it’s a post about food. Christmas food, enjoy!

Kerst is alweer heerlijk achter de rug. Ik ben blij dat het achter de rug is, want ik ben het koken en bakken beetje zat. De laatste paar dagen ging het namelijk nonstop en dat bezorgde de nodige stress. Godzijdank dat alles wat ik heb gekookt en gebakken heb eetbaar is en dat niemand zich verhongerde tijdens de Kerst!

Ik heb gekookt voor de eerste keer: rettich cake! Mijn favoriete dimsum gerecht dat uit rettich (soort raap) en rijstmeel bestaat. De mijne is best wel aardig gelukt al zeg ik het zelf. Ik heb ook een chocolade Kerst taart en groene thee broodjes gemaakt. Dit alles komt binnenkort!
Op de 2e Kerstdag gingen we lekker oud Hollands gourmetten. Wat walmt het huis daarna zeg.

Kerst wordt bij ons niet groots gevierd, het is beetje hetzelfde als voorgaande jaren. Natuurlijk met veel lekker eten dat weer wel.
Dus zoals de titel luidt en je hebt het vast al geraden, de post van vandaag gaat over eten op z,n Kerst dus en nog nagenieten!

 Made a huge origami star!

Christmas dinner @work

I work at a school and with my colleagues we did a fancy buffer dinner with the kids too! It was quite nice
and the food looked pretty too and the kids were enjoying it. When can you eat waffles and cupcakes during dinner anyways!

Christmas lunch

Day 1 

Day 2

I've made: chocolate cake, green tea bun and the turnip cake!

Presents and co.

Yes I use old magazine papers as wrapping paper.

From Jane out of Tanzania! Thank you c: the stamp is really pretty and unique. 

 I never do nails but for Christmas, yes: Christmas nails in lilac and gold. 

 'gourmetten'! A.k.a. indoor grilling c; 


  1. Aaah, ziet er allemaal goed uit! Ik vind die stroopwafelhuisjes zo schattig, het was het eerste wat ik zag op instagram tijdens kerst, cuuuute! Lijkt alsof je een hele fijne kerst hebt gehad!!

  2. Wow, there's so much food! I've never had turnip cake, it sounds really interesting and yummy! Those macarons look really good too, I've wanted to try and make them for a while now.

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  3. My family and I were guests for Christmas this year, so we were relieved of the responsibilities of preparing Christmas dinner, although my parents did go out to buy tapioca pudding <3 and some champagne :) Your stroopwafel toppers are so cute! And yumm green tea buns and turnip cake :') -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! I loved every second of my Christmas, but I am realized it is all over and time to relax!

  5. OMG al dat eten, zo hemels <3 wij doen echt gewoon basic een kalkoen en verder niet veel moeite XD het gourmetten hoort wel echt bij kerst though <3

  6. oh lots of cooking and baking sounds wonderful. i haven't been able to do any of that because of all my guest dogs but i hope to get around to it. i wanted to bake some of my white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies and the ingredients are just sitting there. but 2016 will be about baking other things.. more cakes and hopefully bread!

  7. Those waffle houses are such a neat idea!

    Have a great week,


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