a new year skincare: Asian Spoon Facial Massage


When a new year has turned, I would like to start off fresh and fruity with my inner-me and as earlier announced I’m already on my food detox week and still going! A food detox diary coming soon!

On this today’s post I’d like to post something about beauty. My food detox is for the inner-me but what’s for the outer-me? The answer is: a tough Chinese style facial massage and a relaxing blackhead nose peeling mask!
I'll be posting my blackhead nose peeling experience in the next post.

When I was in Taiwan which was 2,5 years ago (time flies..) I have bought a special facial massage tool and I’d like to use it for my today’s mini tutorial facial massaging.


Voor het nieuwe jaar wil ik graag fris en fruitig starten en dit geldt zeker voor mijn innerlijke ik. Al eerder heb ik verteld over mijn eetpatroon ontgiftigen en ben hier al een weeklang bezig. Ben best trots en daarom een reflectie/dagboek hierover binnenkort!

Vandaag wil ik iets over schoonheid  posten. Mijn eetpatroon ontgiftigen is voor de innerlijke ik, maar wat is voor het uiterlijk? Het antwoord: een pittige Chinese stijl gezichtsmassage en een ontspannende mee-eter neus peeling masker! De laatste zal ik in de volgende post laten zien. 

Ik was in Taiwan 2,5 jaar geleden (de tijd vliegt ..) en heb daar o.a. een speciaal gezichtsmassage tool gekocht. Deze wil ik graag in een vorm van een mini tutorial laten zien in de post van vandaag.

inner yays:
minimize puffiness, release toxin and water retention (detox), better blood circulation, awaken and fresh face feel

outer yays:
slimmer face, firmer skin, skin glow

When you don't have a nifty facial massage tool you can use a porcelain/ceramic (no plastic or metal!) Asian spoon.

Work from forehead to collarbone
(apply a good facial cream/oil first)
Take anti gravity strokes and work your way to the sides of your face. The strokes shouldn't be to gentle nor to hard either. I'd would say: gentle rough. 

Once you have scooped everything from forehead, cheeks and chin all the toxin have flushed down to the neck.
Continue getting rid of the toxin by work your way down to the neck > collarbone > chest. 
Your skin might turn a bit red (good thing!) and that means it's working.

How with the Asian spoon
 And it's pretty much the same process with the facial massage tool.

A little bonus treatment:
Ugh, yes, I hate them: smile lines. And I happen to be a person that loves to laugh and smile. ALOT...
Maybe I'm overreacting but in my eyes the smile lines of mine appear deep and so notable.

So how to soften them out? 
Just puff up your both cheeks by filling them with air and massage from nose to ear with the facial massage tool/spoon. I actually puffy up my cheeks everyday when I apply cream on my face for example.
Do you have smile lines? What do you think about them?
My thoughts
I have natural round face and plump cheeks so by doing this facial massage wont change of course into a nice oval face but if I get a refined and slimmer round face that's fine too!
I should be doing this facial massage more often really but - sigh, I'm quite lazy when it comes to skincare. I'm already happy when I remember to exfoliate my skin every week. 

After the massage my face feels warm and activated. It appears to be more radiant as well and my chin seems pointier too. And on top of that my lips seems to be more cherry colored too! Yes, I'm happy with the results! *makes note of doing this once a week. Or when I have a date*
What do you think about this facial massage? I'm glad to hear your opinion and/or experiences!


  1. This post is so cute! I tried this once too when I saw a YouTube video of people trying it out, and it does make you bloom. My brother just looked at me weirdly though when I got the spoon from the kitchen and headed straight to the bathroom. Haha.
    Caffeine Rush

  2. I love facial massage! I purchased one from a site through a Youtuber and fell in love! It's a lovely part of my night time/bed time routine! It's time consuming, so it does take dedication, but the results of implicating it regularly is great! It can help make your face slimmer, and helps to detox and flush out the yuckies from your face! :3 I love it! It's also very very relaxing! Wonderful post!

  3. It's always great and fun to see what beauty idea countries in Asia puts out there! :D Smile lines mean you smile and you're a happy person! This is going to sound so weird but I went through this phase one time where since I wanted the least amount of wrinkles as possible I stopped smiling too big and tried to minimize all my facial expression, so you can imagine how I looked for a few good weeks, haha!

  4. je foto's zijn zoooo cute <3 en dit ga ik eens proberen =D ik heb echt last van puffiness XD

  5. I am always a bit sceptic on these kind of facial things, they feel nice but somehow it always feels like too much work with too little effect... though maybe that's because I'm a bit lazy with my skincare as well. :p

  6. I've seen this tutorial many times but I'm just too lazy to do it. However, today I feel determined so I'm going to do my facial tonight! Great post, dear.


  7. I've never heard of this technique but I'm intrigued! I will have to try it out and see if I have any results :D

  8. Haha this is so cute! Beauty gurus (like bubzbeauty and desi perkins) are always stressing about applying creams in a certain motion and massaging your face but I'm so lazy! Your face will thank you in 40 years when you hardly have any wrinkles!

    chloé⎪ status.chlo

  9. cute and unique way to do it. love it. :)
    keep in touch!

  10. I must try this! I have smile lines too, ever since my pre-teens! It's gotten to be a lot more noticeable these days now that I'm older, so I'd like to try this massage to see if I see results too!

  11. i think it's pretty unique and probably helpful as well :)
    i have never really thought about caring for my skin when I was younger in my twenties and just getting around to a well rounded skin care routine now. sometimes i wish i started earlier ;)

  12. Could I book a facial massage from you? :P

  13. i've been doing this on and off for the past year now, and it really works! Glad you're starting to try it, too!



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