Another new year skincare: Elephant 3-Step Nose Pack


Part 2 of my new year beauty refreshment post: cleaning your nose! Precisely: the pores. Now, I am a human being with unfortunate quite noticeable pores around my nose area and it bothers me sometimes. I have friends who have smooth clear skin where you can’t find 1 single pore on it. I envy you. Luckily for us big pore girls we have nose mask!

As announced on my previous new year beauty post, I want to share my blackhead peeling experience with Elephant 3-Step Nose Pack that I got from my blogger-beauty friend Elisa. Thank you dear!

A fun fact: I have never done nose peeling before so this was my first time doing it. Scroll down to see the process and my verdict about Elephant 3-Step Nose Pack!     

Hier is deel 2 van het nieuwe jaar huid verzorging artikel: je neus schoonmaken. Om precies te zijn de poriën natuurlijk. Ik ben een mens met helaas vrij merkbare poriën en dat stoort soms. Ik heb vriendinnen die een prachtige gladde huid hebben waar de poriën spoorloos zijn. Stelletje geluksvogels. Gelukkig voor de grote poriën dames onder ons hebben wij neus peeling maskers.

Zoals ik eerder al zei in mijn vorige nieuwsjaar verzorging artikel, wil ik mijn ervaring delen over de mee-eter peeling met behulp van de Elephant 3-Step Nose Pack. Gekregen van blogger-beauty vriendin Elisa. Bedankt schat!

Een bekentenis: ik heb nog nooit zo’n neus peeling gedaan, maar er is voor alles de eerste keer toch? Scroll naar beneden toe voor de rest en natuurlijk de eindbeoordeling.

Step one
Step 1 is a nice mask with fruit and herb extract that will open up the pores and clean them. I didn't smell anything fruity though.
Step two
Make your nose wet enough with water and place the sheet on your nose. Press it really tightly around your nose. 
Step 2 is my favorite step because you'll get to see all the dirt and blackheads sticking on the sheet at the end. When peeling off the sheet it doesn't really hurt badly. I think I accidentally place the sheet upside down on my nose but o well. Be mindful about that!
Say hello to my blackheads!

Step three

 And finally the final step: closing the pores and calming the skin after the harsh peeling from step 2. The jelly sheet feels nice on my skin and it really cools down my nose area. TIP: place the sheet in the refrigerator beforehand for better effect!

My thoughts
Elephant 3-Step! is a Korean beauty product and I'm satisfied with the end result! I'm satisfied with step 2 because it really pulled out the icky blackheads and after I was done with step 3 the pores on my nose area did shrunk. For a long term effect, I think you should do this frequently like once per week.

pros: easy to use, instructions written in English and Korean, Extracts of Tea tree, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Witch hazel, Rosemary, Honey, and Lavender, Powder of Aloe vera leaf juice, does not sting, no breakouts, no heavy scents
Cons: none!


  1. Oooh so interesting! Thanks for the recommendation.

    Nat | Dignifiable

  2. Nice! I've never heard of this brand before or have tried a 3-step regimen for removing blackheads.

  3. I have one of these 3 step nose packs in my drawer somewhere which I have yet to try! Hope I get the same results as you. It's weirdly satisfying seeing all the blackheads on the strips when you're done

  4. I definitely have big pores too. Not fun! I have tried something similar to this before and had some good results. I would love to try this one out!


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