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Right now I’m having a food-detox week because lets be honest who doesn’t went overboard in the holiday gobble-away month December? I certainly did. My body was also really done with the food after NYE because it was feeling bloated, fat and just bad.

What you eat is what you are right?

So yeah I’m having a food detoxing which means: low carb, low sugar and caffeine free. I did my caffeine free week before and it wasn’t that bad so I should be doing ok now.

Since I can’t have any indulgencing food right now, I’ll just have to deal with food memories and pictures I had taken back in Barcelona summer 2015. Lets take a look!

Ik ben op dit moment volop in een voedsel ontgiftiging gegaan deze week, want laten we eerlijk zijn bij wie gingen de remmen niet los in de vreetmaand december? Bij mij overduidelijk wel. Mijn lichaam was ook zat na oud en nieuw: een opgeblazen gevoel, vet en gewoon slecht.

Wat je eet ben jezelf, toch?

Dus vandaar de ontgiftigen is van start gegaan wat betekent: weinig koolhydraten, weinig suiker en cafeïne vrij. Ik heb al eerder cafeïne vrije week gehad en dat viel mee dus dit keer zou het ook mee moeten vallen.

Ik kan nu helaas geen verwen lekkernij hebben dus zal ik het maar met herinnering en foto’s moeten doen. Ook leuk, zoals de foto's die ik Barcelona zomer 2015 had genomen. Laten we een kijkje nemen!

Gorgeous sweet cheap pastries
and good coffee

♥ 4/5

Ice cream time 
@Yogo Love Frozen Yogurt

 ♥ 4/5

 My brother picked the orange flavored popsicle. Also very refreshing and tasty looking. 

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  1. omg I feel like these photos would throw me off a diet if ever I were on I diet (which I probably won't ever be unless it was life or death and still I'm not so sure)--so delicious! The coconut ice-cream looks cool :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. I did not eat as much as previous years in December month but I am cutting down on my coffee consumption for the fact that I have been carried away by having coffee after every meals, and recently I found that caffeine isn't good for my blood type.

  3. Your Barcelona keeps going on forever ! I love it :)

    Where are you going for holiday this summer ??

    Nat | Dignifiable

  4. Haha, as good as good food tastes, it also feels good to detox for a bit and just have salads and raw foods! These food photos look so good - espeically those ice cream bars! I wouldn't be able to edit/post about these without craving for them :P And how cute is that little mini black cone!

    becky ♡ star violet

  5. The food in Barcelona is so amazing ! Love your outfit too !


  6. I started my food detox on December 26th, I didn't think my body could go another week eating junk food! But oh man, these treats are looking so darn good right now..

  7. :) i think it's really great that you indulge but also take time to detox. good balance!

  8. Yummmm. I remember going to La Boqueria market in Barcelona and being overwhelmed with the endless possibilities... Dragonfruit smoothies, fine cuts of cured meat, spices... you name it!

  9. It reminds me my Barcelona trip last year ! the food was great :)
    I am No 1203 on your GFC please follow back. thx xx

  10. Your blog is so beautiful and adorable - amazing pictures! All of the pastries and cakes just look scrumptious, there is no other word :D now following you on GFC! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

  11. Hey, nog een Nederlandse. Het ziet eruit alsof je het heel leuk hebt gehad. Ik zou zo graag een keer naar Barcelona gaan, ik ben er nog nooit geweest.


  12. ok, i haven't visisted your blog in awhile but it's turned into something amazing! love the "hover for dutch translation." so cool!
    and lovely photos as always!

  13. that green cone is interesting! would've been awesome if it was matcha flavored :)


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