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Back in Barcelona last Summer, we had our fair time with eating paella. If you ask me I could have eaten it everyday during my stay there but my family got Chinese food withdrawals.
Check out my 2nd paella place here below!

I also want to share an ice cream place with you guys which I have accidentally found it. It looks like a circus! Also check it out down here please!

Terug in Barcelona afgelopen zomer, kon de paella gerecht niet ontbreken natuurlijk. Als het aan mij ligt zou ik paella wel elke dag kunnen eten destijds, maar ja, mijn familie met name papa verlangde met smart naar Chinees eten.
Bekijk mijn 2e paella restaurant hier beneden!

Daarnaast wil ik jullie dit coole ijs salon laten zien aan jullie. Hij ziet er uit als een circus namelijk! Scroll naar beneden toe om het te zien!

El Rincón del Ángel ♥ 4/5

I remember someone saying to avoid restaurants that has an English menu but that's easier said than the practical reality. We were new to Barcelona and the Spanish language is not our forte so seeing an English menu was actually a blessing.
Again we were the only customers in the early Spanish dinner time at El Rincón del Ángel. Not bad local place actually.
 I love paella! It is my favorite Spanish food really and the fact that paella is a rice dish also satisfied my papa with Chinese taste bud and tongue and so at El Rincón del Ángel we ordered the seafood paella and the squid paella. 
These tasted different and better than our previous paella dinner here.
The texture of the paella is nicer with a nice crust at the paella pan that I loved scraping it off with my fork.
The seafood is generously rich and making the rice so fragrant! Yum!
Also the service was friendly too!
Our second paella pan was black rice with squid. This was my first time having black squid rice and they didn't
taste much different that the regular white rice I have. The texture is a bit more solid?
Anyway the black squid rice is delicious! My papa was a bit skeptical about this black colored rice but end up liking it too c: 

Topping Circus ♥ 4/5

My mission was to find the bubble tea shop place called 'wow!boba Bubble Tea World' but at their address I have found Topping Circus instead!
A little bit bumped out about the fact the bubble tea shop is gone but an ice cream place like Topping Circus with it's crazy in and out circus decor healed my heart quickly. I am sure your hearts too when you were there!
Ok, their ice cream is not cheap because 1 scoop + 1 topping = €3,20 which is what I chose (strawberry + M&M's). 
If you think choosing their selfmade ice cream flavor was hard, then brace yourself because they have over 100+ toppings to choose from!
Again Topping Circus does not have cheap ice cream but I was happy to try it out because look at their mixing ice cream process down below: 
 The ice cream looks so smooth and flexible, the way the ice cream man works it reminds me of stir frying noodles or something.
 My strawberry with M&M's topping! Do I like it? Yes of course I like it, no doubt about that!
I've also noticed they have earned the title of 'Barcelona's best ice cream 2014' which is a job well done but in all honestly I don't really taste any different than my better ice cream places. Again I think this small portion which cost me 3,20 is quite pricey too.


  1. Everything looks amazing! Going to new restaurants is definitely one of my favorite things about traveling :D

  2. What an interesting circus ice-cream!
    You always know nice sweets :)))


  3. The ice cream shop is so cute! They have a similar ice cream chain in the U.S. called Coldstones where they mix up the ice cream and your choice of toppings!

  4. I've always wanted to try Paella, but they sell it for so expensive in nyc, $30+. Oh well, maybe some day

  5. looks so nice, sounds like a fun time Ice cream looks so delicious.

  6. The paella looks so delicious, and Topping Circus was such a great find! Haha my family gets Chinese food withdrawal when we travel as well. My family is still living in China right now, but when we come to the States for vacation, especially on the West Coast, we're mostly eating Chinese food :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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