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It’s cold, rainy and amazingly stormy outside: happy Friday! I’ve worked 5 days straight again this week and I’m ready to enjoy the weekend, so the cold, rain and wind it is still a happy Friday to me!

A few weeks ago I met up with W. for lunch in one of my favourite Dutch city Rotterdam at a chain café Bagels & Beans.
I know Bagels & Beans but I never ate or drink here before knowing it’s a chain café thinking they surely just serve random café food like most random cafés. Boy how wrong was I!

Bagels & Beans never got my attention until I discovered they have matcha green tea latte. Holy moly, a Dutch café serving matcha green tea latte! Even our Dutch Starbucks don’t have it on their menu.
Bagels & Beans you have my full attention now!    

Het is koud, regenachtig en geweldig winderig buiten: fijne vrijdag hoor! Ik heb alweer 5 dagen gewerkt deze week en heb oprecht zin in het weekend. Kou, regen en wind, ach ik wens jullie ook een happy vrijdag hoor!

Een paar weken geleden was ik met W. voor een oppeplunch in een van mijn favoriete stad Rotterdam in een keten café Bagels & Beans. Ik ken Bagels & Beans, maar heb nog nooit een hapje of drankje gedaan hier. Wetend dat het een keten bedrijf is, met waarschijnlijk doorsnee café menu werd ik helaas niet warm van. Ik zat er ontzettend naast!

Bagels & Beans trok nooit mijn aandacht, totdat ik ontdekte dat ze matcha groene thee latte (koffie verkeerd) hadden. Wat! In een Nederlands café nog wel! Onze Starbucks heeft dat nog niet eens. Bagels & Beans, je hebt mijn volledige aandacht!

We ordered: 1 matcha green tea latte, 1 herbal tea, 1 salmon salad and 1 'paddo' burger bagel

Herbal tea
Bagels & Beans offers a nice list of herbal teas and my friend W. got this spicy herbal tea which I sadly forgot the name of it. I only remembered that the herbs inside this tea could be a nice base for a nice curry dish.
Salad salmon
W. lunch of choice was a healthy and nutritious one: salmon salad and is was more than just green with salmon. It has a half avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, pine nuts - covered with a basil dressing. W. never had avocado before so this was his first time eating this healthy fat fruit. W. liked it!
Matcha green tea latte
Matcha green tea latte is Japanese flavored green tea and the beverage that lured me inside to Bagels & Beans at first.
Because green tea is the key to my heart and I was happily surprised to see a Dutch café serving it.
The presentation looks nice, loving the little foam art on top. The taste is not bad with a good enough amount of matcha flavor inside. I got a happy green frothy milk on my lip and don't forget to stir this drink every now and then!
'Paddo' burger bagel
Another thing I like about Bagels & Beans apart the yummy matcha green tea latte, is how veggie friendly their menu is. This makes me want to come back for the second time because their menu is very various. 
I end up with choosing their 'paddo' burger bagel: no-meat patty made of mushroom with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, truffle mayonnaise and pine nuts on a sesame bagel bun. For just €,5,55!
The bagel is de-li-cious and so well seasoned. The truffle mayonnaise was awesome too.
A minuscule minus might be the size of the bagel which was huge. It couldn't fit in my mouth so I had to eat the top bagel bun first and ate the rest like, well, like a pizza.
ADDRESS: Schouwburgplein 80 3012 CL Rotterdam - THE NETHERLANDS
Food:  4/5 
Service: ♥ 4/5
Interior:  4/5
Price:  4/5


  1. That place looks amazing! I love anything involving bagels. And a green tea latte sound sooo yummy!

  2. Happy New Year, Mei!
    Matcha Latte is my favorite :)
    The saucer under the glass is so cute!


  3. Oh my god! Your photos always make me hungry! I'm in love with anything matcha too huhu

  4. Everything looks so tasty, Mei! If green tea lattes were hard to find here, I'd love this place in an instant too. The portion sizes look so big, too!

    becky ♡ star violet

  5. I love a good matcha latte! Those sandwhich and burgers look delicious! <3

  6. I'm not usually excited by salad, but that salmon one looks amazing! That green tea latte looks pretty delicious too :)

  7. The first time I had a matcha latte was at Starbucks in China! When I got back to the States, I didn't see it on the menu, but I think my friend ordered it once off the menu. Maybe you could try asking the barista if they have matcha latte even though it's not shown on the menu! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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