I was lost in Barri Gotic and La Barceloneta


Yes! Another Barcelona post and this time let me take you to my favourite district: Barri Gòtic or Gothic Quarter in English and it’s the old part of the city Barcelona. It’s my favourite because it’s full of charisma. Small streets and alleys and the old buildings with romantic balconies in between it as they almost function as tall maze walls.
Yes, Barri Gotic is a nice place to get lost.

Apart the compact construction and infrastructure it’s home to many artistic one-man shop owners, art gallery, café’s, numerous cathedrals and restaurants, a huge plus in my book!

Barri Gotic is also close to the fishermen neighbourhood ‘La Barceloneta’. Me and my family of course went checking it out because it’s a lovely neighbourhood with again streets full of character. I do find the streets here are less refined than the ones in Barri Gotic.
This neighbourhood also have a long history since Barcelona used to be a fisherman’s village.

We end our day with Chinese food because after day 3 in Barcelona, my dad is having Chinese food-withdrawal symptoms.
Check out the picture diary below!

Ja! Alweer een Barcelona blogpost en dit keer neem ik jullie mee naar mijn favoriete wijk: Barri Gòtic (Gotische wijk) en het is een oude stadsdeel van Barcelona. Het is mijn favoriet, want deze wijk is straalt charisma uit. Smalle straatjes en steegjes en oude gebouwen met romantische balkons die als het ware doolhof muren fungeren.
Ja, Barri Gotic is een leuke plek om erin te verdwalen.

Naast de compacte bouw en infrastructuur hebben vele artistieke eenmanszaakjes, kunstgalerijen, cafés, talloze kathedralen en restaurants hier gevestigd. Echt super leuk!

Barri Gotic ligt ook dicht bij de vissers wijk 'La Barceloneta’. Ik en mijn familie gingen er natuurlijk heen, want La Barceloneta is ook al een wijk met karakter. De straten hier zijn wel minder verfijnd dan die van Barri Gotic. Deze wijk heeft ook een lange geschiedenis, want Barcelona was ooit een stadje van visserijen.

Tijd voor avondeten. Mijn papa had er genoeg van, en wilde nu écht Chinees eten. Na dag 3 begonnen namelijk de afkickverschijnselen te vertonen bij paps.

Bekijk de foto's hieronder!

District: Barri Gòtic

"hey look a church thingy! Lets go inside!"
 I'm not quite sure what this is, but if I had a step I'd be riding up and down like that kid over there.
A mishmash hide & seek area
A really fascinating woman on a bike who was sharpens knifes and such. 

 Barri Gotic gets crowdier when nearing another touristy neighbourhood called La Rambla (more here!)
La Barceloneta
 This way to Barri Gotic. 

 This way to the beach.

A cute art shop & gallery

 I bought a few artsy postcards at Oslo Graphic Barceloneta, and some made by this woman behind the counter. We chit chat a little bit and apparently she's been to Holland before! Look at me socializing. 

Chinese food. Always

 Barcelona you wear me out everyday but still with a smile on my face. Here I am eating fried rice. It tastes like take away. My dad ordered a Peking duck, steamed fish (clearly deep frozen), white rice and tea. 

The restaurant is called 'Restaurante Pekin Siglo 21' and it's not your authentic Chinese restaurant since they also have tapas and French fries on their menu. Nevertheless, this is perhaps the closest thing to homefood and my dad was ok with it. The service was friendly but only speak Mandarin which is not my forte sadly but we do manage to get our food.

Did you know that Spanish people starts their dinner around 10pm? We arrived at 7pm and clearly way to soon but lucky for us the kitchen was already open. 


  1. Oh lovely! You can see just see the history. Imagine all the stories the city holds. I don't know why, but, it reminds me of scenes from Les Miserables!

  2. Cool post! I love Barcelona!


  3. Haha, I'm the same and always get Asian food when I'm travelling! Even though I feel like I should try new things, sometimes the cravings are too strong to resist. This place is beautiful by the way, it seems like such an awesome place to explore!

  4. Everything is looking so lovely !


  5. wahhhh very nice place.. i really like the old building and remind me with 1 movie and i forgot the title haha


  6. There are so many beautiful places in Barcelona!

  7. Chinese Food :D Woaw look at all those giant pencils, lovely pictures -x-

  8. Oh! Love your Gothic quarter & El Born pictures! :) I also always find mesmerizing to walk around La Barcelona to find the beach, that view after walking inside the city is always surprising for me no matter how I have been living here so many years now! So fun to read about our crazy meal hours (so true!)

  9. I love all the little alleyways in Barcelona! P.S. I received your cute Christmas parcel!! I meant to thank you much sooner but never got around to it; my apologies! And thank you <3

  10. You got some great pictures of the city. And now I'm wishing I was somewhere sunny and warm. I'm definitely over this winter weather

  11. OMG memories! I did a french exchange during 2007-2008 and this brings back so many memories because I stayed in the South of France which mean day trips to Barcelona all the time!
    Love the streets of Europe and I'm so appreciative that you share so much of it!

    chloé⎪ status.chlo


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