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After eating at Vietnamese restaurant Kimmade, I want to explore more Vietnamese food in Holland. Someday I’ll eat real Vietnamese food in Vietnam, but for now I’ll happily try out the ones here first.

Together with W. we had Vietnamese food at the Dutch city Rotterdam at Restaurant Pho for dinner. I always walk by this place and was finally happy to set foot at this (crowded) place. I was glad we could get a table within 5 min. without reservation, so my tip for you: do a reservation!

Na Vietnamese restaurant Kimmade, wil ik meer Vietnamese voedsel verkennen in ons kikkerlandje. Op een dag zal ik echt Vietnamees gaan eten in Vietnam, maar voor nu zal ik het maar moeten doen met de pareltjes hier.

Samen met W. gingen we Vietnamees eten in de stad Rotterdam bij Restaurant Pho voor avondeten. Ik loop vaak langs deze plek en was zeer blij toen ik deze (best drukke) plek binnen treed. Ik was blij dat we een tafel konden krijgen binnen 5 minuten en dat zonder reservering, dus mijn tip voor u: reserveer!

We ordered: 
2 Saigon beer
1 ice tea green

1 veggie spring rolls 
1 Vietnamese chicken salad 
1 stir fried noodles shrimp
1 pho chicken & shrimp 
Goi Cuon Chay
For starters I've picked 'Goi Cuan Chay' which are 'veggie spring rolls' that came in 2 large - really large - rolls with 2 dipping sauce. The flavors were on spot, tangy, spicy and to be honest I was feeling a bit full after having them. For just 5 bucks I think it's a good plate. 
If I had to compare with ones from Kimmade and Restaurant Pho, I think Kimmade have my slight vote.
My friend W. chose the chicken salad for starters, which looks pretty yum too!

Saigon beer
I'm really not fond of beer but I haven't tried a Saigon beer before. Even though I prefer wine over beer I was willing to try out this Saigon beer! Me and my friend W. shared it and it tasted ok, perhaps better than a can of Heineken beer. My friend W. liked it though that he even ordered a 2nd one. Still, I'm no fond of beer myself. I'll take a Bailey anytime over beer!
Pho chicken and shrimp

I can't eat at a restaurant called Restaurant Pho without ordering pho right? Their menu is kind of disappointing in terms of vegetarian options which there wasn't many. In fact there were zero veggie options at the pho, rice and noodle dishes.

To my big disappointment I end up choosing the least meat option which is the pho chicken & shrimp and requested to have no chicken in it and the service kindly did that and it also came with a bowl of fresh salad. 

The pho tasted really lovely and fragrant and oh boy I was so stuffed after finished this big steamy bowl! 
ADDRESS:  Westersingel 1a 3014 GM Rotterdam - THE NETHERLANDS 
Food:  4/5 Service: ♥♥ 3/5 Interior:  3/5 Price:  4/5 


  1. Yumm, Vietnamese food is one of my favourites! I especially love making fresh spring rolls like those at home, they're such a delicious but healthy meal option :)

  2. Spring rolls are one of my favorites! They're so fresh tasting and yummy. I haven't been able to find a Pho around here that I really like yet. The ones I have tried include a lot of cilantro, which isn't one of my favorite things. It sure is a pretty dish though!

  3. That's too bad that they didn't have any vegetarian-friendly options on the menu, but I'm glad they were able to accommodate you by removing the chicken from the pho!

  4. Are you kidding me? This all looks amazing!
    The food serving is so big. I love it.
    Thanks for sharing with us – I feel like going out to get pho myself.

  5. I've never had Pho, and I feel like I'm missing out on an amazing thing in life! Need to get on that ASAP

  6. GOALS! Eat real Vietnamese food in Vietnam. At least in the meantime it's good you can find places there to eat the food. I've enjoyed a few restaurants here, and one run by Vietnamese, and I could taste the difference between the owner owned vs. chain restaurant. You can only imagine the difference in Vietnam. :)

  7. These look so delicious,
    and I love very very Goi Cuon Chay!


  8. Ah, it's hard to imagine you drinking alcohol! You seem so innocent for it, hahaha. The spring rolls look so tasty, I've been making some recently and it's nice for a healthy snack/meal!

    becky ♡ star violet

  9. I'm sorry there was no veggie option, but that cause it isn't authentic otherwise. Cause the pho broth is made from chicken stock and beef bones. And I don't think you will find a veggie option in Vietnam =/ it just isn't a veggie friendly country


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