Meeting up with 'The Cat You and Us'


My Barcelona posts are soon come to an end (sob) and I’ve kept the last chapter to close my Barcelona post journey: a meet up with bloggers ‘The Cat You and Us’!
The Cat You and Us are colourful, very lively and cat loving folks settled in the colourful and lively city Barcelona.  Meeting them in real would be amazing!

One single email and the meet up appointment was down the agenda.

It was my first time meeting them up and with most first things in life it’s exciting, perhaps scary at the beginning involving a few nervous giggles here and there but mostly a momentous chapter.
I’m happy to able to meet Damaris, Dani and their lovely cat: Juno! (And pssst guys, and this image also summed up my feelings too! )

Also check their blogpost too!


Mijn Barcelona blog berichten komen langzamerhand ten einde (snik) en ik wil mijn laatste onderdeel van mijn Barcelona reisje afsluiten met: een gezellige bloggers ontmoeting met 'The Cat You and Us'! The Cat You and Us zijn zulke kleurrijke, levensgenietende en kattenliefhebbers die in de kleurrijke en levendige stad Barcelona wonen. Hun ontmoeten zou heel cool zijn!

Een e-mail was voldoende om een afspraak te maken.

Het was mijn eerste keer ze te zien in levenden lijve en met de meeste eerste dingen in het leven zijn ze vaak spannend, misschien eng in het begin met een paar zenuw giechel hier en daar maar meestal een gedenkwaardige hoofdstuk. Ik ben blij om Damaris, Dani en hun geliefde kat Juno te hebben ontmoet!

Vergeet niet hun blogpost te checken!
Speaking of first time. Due to my broken camera it was also my first time using a Canon DSLR camera that the lovely The Cat You and us lend me to! You guys are truly angels, thank you so much again! 
The pictures in the upcoming post will be mixed in quality because of that. Can you tell which of the above is made by Canon and the other by a phone camera?
Breakfast at Café Cometa     ♥ 4/5

Did you know that Damaris and Dani are foodies? Yay! I trust their taste buds and was excited to eat breakfast at Café Cometa. First impression? Good and comfortable! We were actually a bit early for breakfast here because the Spanish breakfast timetable tend to start later than other countries. But nonetheless we got our breakfast and the service was welcoming.

Bon dia! Good morning! 

Like i've said, I'm a first time Canon camera user and because of that I have stupidly but accidentally deleted all pictures (what a noob). Luckily I've made this mistake at the start of the meet up because imagine if all pictures of the entire day would be deleted! 
Though I'm still sad because all the amazing delicious food pictures of Cometa are gone forever. Therefor no proper pictures of my food other than the ones from my phone camera: toast + egg + olive oil, café latte and juice. YUM! Especially the toast (€3,50) because of the lovely olive oil drizzle with subtle salt taste.

Upcoming post:
 Gracia neighbourhood
a tapas lunch
festival Gracia


  1. Awww super happy to see your pictures at Café Cometa!!! :) It was the nicest thing to meet you, you are very dear to our hearts Mei! Can't wait to see the upcoming post. And I exactly had the same same cartoon on my head after our meeting, so many things I should have done/said, hahahaha. Big love!

  2. The avocado toast looks so yummy! I have been obsessed with avocado lately..

  3. A fun meeting! I get so shy with meeting people I met through Instagram and blog! lol but it's always so great to see how others meet and solidify their relationship more :) we love the cat, you and us!

  4. friendsss <3 omg I remember reading about this over at Damaris and Dani's blog like half a year ago! I thought you guys had met up AGAIN haha :P (no worries, it takes me awhile to get around to writing my posts as well) (also sorry for making two comments; you can remove the first one) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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