My own agenda


All people in my better circle knows that I have a passion for snapping pictures and my friend A. got for my birthday gift a voucher to create my very own customized agenda!

My very own 2016 agenda
with any desirable pictures I want, made by Print Things!

Print Things is a print
shop specialized in photobooks, cards and customizable gifts such as mugs, calendars, aprons and many more and of course a agenda/diary!

I have never encountered
print shops before or even printing my own pictures in photobooks or in thiscase an agenda’s so I’m quite new to this. Well new, that’s not entirely true because all pictures in my childhood were loyally developed and stored in albums.

My agenda landed on
the doormat last week (3 days after purchase) and shall we check it out!

Alle mensen in mijn dichte kring weten dat ik een passie heb voor foto’s maken en vriendin A. wist daarom een praktisch verjaardagscadeau voor mij: een voucher om een eigen agenda met eigen foto’s te maken!

Mijn eigen 2016 agenda met foto's die ik wil, die het bedrijf Print Things voor me klaarmaakt. Leuk!

Print Things is een drukkerij die gespecialiseerd is in fotoboeken, kaarten en persoonlijke cadeaus, zoals mokken, kalenders, schorten en nog veel meer en natuurlijk agenda’s!

Ik zie vaak prachtige uitziende fotoboeken van bedrijven zoals Print Things maar ikzelf heb nog nooit iets afgedrukt op fotoboeken of agenda’s. Nouja nooit, dat is niet helemaal waar, want de foto’s uit mijn kindertijd werden wel allemaal ontwikkeld en in fotoalbums geplakt.

Mijn agenda landde vorige week op de deurmat (’t duurde 3 dagen na aankoop). Laten we met z’n alle bekijken naar het resultaat! we met z’n alle bekijken naar het resultaat!

I've chosen for agenda size A5 which normally cost €21,95. There's also size A6 available and you can choose from 15 different templates too. Personally I think the templates are slightly cliché and perhaps not much choice to choose from but I've end up chosen a colorful template because I think I'm quite a colorful person.
For nice razorsharp looking pictures, let me advise you to use pictures with a high resolution (at least 1000 pixel) and a preferable 300 DPI.
This picture above is snapped with my phone camera and I'm pretty satisfied with the quality.
What else I have hidden in my precious agenda? Pictures of my childhood, family photo's, pictures of me and my friends, selfies... everything that has value to me mostly. I think this agenda will serve a great comfort as well when I am feeling a bit blue. Just by flipping through the pages will hopefully cheer me up when I'm at work, on the way or somewhere out.

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  1. That's so cool! I adore anything to do with organisation, and will be keeping this post in mind for next year. Ps. Love the multilingual aspect! X

  2. aw, this is so amazing!

  3. such a cool idea and would make a lovely gift. Although, is it slightly weird turning to a page with your face on it??

    Nat | Dignifiable

  4. This looks gorgeous, Mei!

  5. Oh, what an awesome gift! I've only ever ordered photo albums from sites like these, but the custom agenda sounds like such a good idea. I like the photos you chose to include in yours :)

  6. That's a really sweet calendar! I can't live without my planner. :) I would always forget everything!

    You have a really nice blog design! I like it a lot!

  7. This is such a sweet idea! I really like it :)

  8. Oh wauw! Dit is zo'n cool cadeau - je hebt het zelf in kunnen vullen en je doet er een heel jaar mee!! Het is leuk dat je 'm hebt gevuld met mooie herinneringen, waar er alleen maar mee bij zullen komen, ha!

  9. I love that you were able to customize the inside of your agenda planner and not just the outside covers. Such a great gift and I love seeing what you did with it. :)


  10. What a neat gift! 3 days is a very fast turn around, too!

  11. reply: thanks!! Is idd lang geleden. Ik was heel druk met uni enzo.
    Maar heb bloggen altijd gemist XD
    hoe gaat het met jou?!
    Is ook echt een eeuw geleden dat we een blog meeting hadden haha

  12. very inspiring post, and that book, so love:)

    keep in touch from Borneo, Indonesia
    visit Style with Story • | instagram •

  13. This is so great! I've also customized my own agenda... It's just a plain gridded notebook, but there's nothing better than working on a blank slate ;) :D I've never done anything related to a Print Shop either, but I've considered doing it for Instagram posts :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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