New blog layout!


My old layout is something I really adore because of the dreamy soft colors and a floral background but if I want to keep my (new) readers awake and stimulated, I need to keep changing. So creating a new blog layout is inevitable but also refreshing!

So I hope you like my new bloglayout! I am quite satisfied though it’s not entire finished yet but the big part like the pain in the butt HTML coding is done.

If you see something dodgy on my blog and pages or a wrong/broken link, please let me know!

Mijn vorige lay-out ben ik dol op vanwege de zachte dromerige kleuren en een fleurig achtergrond, maar als ik mijn (nieuwe) lezers wil blijf prikkelen en behouden moet ik mee en blijven veranderen. Dus een nieuwe blog layout is onvermijdelijk maar ook verkwikkend!

Ik hoop dat je mijn nieuwe blog lay-out aardig vindt! Ikzelf ben best happy mee maar hij is nog niet helemaal af. Gelukkig is de meeste HTML-codering en formulering al gedaan.

Mocht je iets verkeerds zien op mijn blog laat het me alstublieft weten!

So, what's new!
Navigation bar:
* a vertical scroll along navigation bar
* new buttons: categories, press and shop
'about' button: newly updated!
* a new intro & welcome sign with handy buttons for better navigating through the blog
an image map with my travel journeys
* coming soon: blogroll and new shop banners 
shorter and minimum
My previous ones.

I'd like to show you how I start designing my blog lay out. This more in the upcoming posts!

I want your opinion!


  1. I definitely like the sidebar on this new layout. It's adorable. Plus the world map with your adventures is really neat. I think the only thing that bothers me (that's probably just on my computer) is the hovering/scrolling navigation.

  2. Love it! I enjoy the scroll-along sidebar very much! The color scheme is great; it's pleasant and not distracting or harsh on the eyes. Everything is legible and there's no confusion so it's very user-friendly! ^__^I love your banner and the overall layout design. Great job! <3

  3. I like the new layout, especially the links to the places you have visited!

  4. zoo leuk dat je het steeds veranderd! Bij mij kost het zo veel moeite T^T

    A C Y H O Z - blog

  5. This new layout is very pretty, I really like the new banner, but there are some things that bother me a little bit. For me, the "blog part" is too much on the left side, it bother me to see the english text so far on the left, I preferred when the english and dutch part was both centered. But what bother me the most is the navigation bar when I scroll, it cover some of the text and photo (I don't know if it's just my computer?).
    Other than that, I'm not a fan of the yellow footer (too bright for me), but the other colors are really pretty, I like the sidebar and the avatar that changes when you put the mouse over it. Finally, I think that the round corners are so cute.

  6. ♥looks good!

  7. Hello
    I follow you for many years, but I confess that makes some rhythm que not accessed here . It's all beautiful!
    kiss - Brazil!

  8. It looks awesome! I love it! The little map is so cool.

  9. Ahwww I love it! The map is cool, the colours are cool and I love the alignment. I think it's really nice you have screenshots from your previous layouts as well!

  10. I really like your new lay-out, especially the header (the mint colour is so nice). The only thing that bothers me a little is the hovering navigation menu as it covers up some of your text and pictures! I don't use it that often while scrolling down, I'd much rather just go up again to click a link. Besides that I'm totally digging it.

  11. I usually draft my blog layout first like what you're doing here. But yours have a better input. Hehe


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