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One of the great morning feels: hearing all the alarms going off at my dad’s and brother except you don’t have to get up and continue going back to sleep (in).

That is right I have 1 week holiday!

One of the perks of working at a school really.
The kids and teachers including myself are having this holiday called ‘pre-spring holiday’. I have a co-worker who is off to NY for a week. Sigh, take me with you! Another co-worker is isolating from the world and in the nature of Belgium. Me? I’m staycationing at this February of mine.

 Also Chinese Lunar New Year was at 8th February. We didn’t do anything special but I hope you guys had a nice one!   

Een heerlijk ochtend gevoel: het horen van al het alarm afgaan bij papa en broer, behalve dat jezelf niet hoef op te staan en lekker blijft liggen en uitslaapt.

Inderdaad ik heb een week voorjaarsvakantie!

Een van de voordelen als je op een school werkt. Ik heb een collega die naar New York  is gevlogen voor een week. Zucht, ik wil ook! Een ander collega isoleert zichzelf van de wereld in het vakantiepark in België. Ikzelf? Ik blijf gewoon lekker thuis. Ook leuk.

 Het Chinees Nieuw Jaar was ook gaande deze maand. We hebben niets bijzonders ermee gedaan. Ik wil nogmaals jullie een fijne jaarwisseling wensen!

My craft desk lately
I've been crocheting and glueing things together a lot lately, more of it soon!

I kind of stopped taking OOTD pictures lately. Maybe I should get it back on track.

 A lunch at De Steenen Brug where I had my first savory pancake ever: pancake with tuna, cheese, onion and tomatoes. It was delicious! My friend got Dutch styled mini pancakes called 'poffertjes'. We both shared our meals, and got myself some of the poffertjes which were light, buttery and nice. If you ever visit Holland: eat poffertjes!
 Outta my kitchen
I've been experimenting with sugar free bakings lately. Here I've made oatmeal black sesame biscuits with coconut and cranberries.

A parcel with Pocky snacks inside. From my aunt from China.謝謝 !

Coffee breaks
My 2nd visit (first time here!) at Expresszo and got myself 'Maltesers latte'. It's basically milk with Maltesers which you have to wait for all the chocolate Maltesers balls to be melted. The idea is good, though the drink itself was perhaps too creamy. The lovely barista probably noticed my puzzeled face and added a free shot of coffee into my drink to lift up the flavor. Thank you so much! Once everything is melted it looks like milk chocolate.
At Kaldi cafe. More of this soon.

Cute Valentine themed cakes at my local bakery.

Another chain cafe and it's called 'La Place' and currently closed due to bankruptcy. This was our last meal. 

At work I did...
...something quite educational with the kids: examining owl pellets. 
We have spend 3 classes about it and the kids did a great job on finding all sorts of bones, pieces of fur and teeth inside the pellets.
My work window view.

At home I did...
At home I did yoga of course! Still doing it everyday and feeling goodgood in my body.

My February was pretty good! How was yours?


  1. Wow honey all that food porn! Yummmm!!!
    Thank you for the visit sweets, the entire blog’s been redesigned!
    Would love to get your thoughts!

    Xx- Julie

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  2. Lucky you! My only break this semester is Spring Break, which is the second week of March. // That toast coaster is so cute! // Love that outfit; all those cosy layers :) // omg I just started reading #GIRLBOSS last night and it mentioned owl pellets LOL // I've joined my college's Fit Club Yoga, which meets every Monday at noon! I skipped today to study for a quiz, but I've made all the other classes so far this semester. After class I always feel mentally refreshed and a little bit physically sore, but in the best way -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. You have such an interesting personality. Would love it if you could check out my LFW lookbook!
    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love 

  4. Your outfits are so cute! Definitely do my OOTD. Also, in that shot of you doing yoga, I didn't realise they were your leggings and thought you had really really bad bruises! Enjoy your staycation.

    Nat | Dignifiable

  5. wowowow. Your blog is so nice and put together! All of the pictures are fire.

  6. I love your style! Sounds like you're having a nice break by the way, all that food looks so good too *_*

  7. Ahh delicious looking art baked goods! ^_^ :3 I love your outfits, please bring back the OOTD! <3 ^___^

  8. Hello from Spain: great pics. We keep in touch

  9. BEautiful photos! And interesting article :))

  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful February :)

    BTW the lighting for the picture of the lo mien is amazing!

  11. I am always drooling over your food pictures! I have been wanting to get back into yoga, it really is great for the body and the mind. I had a pretty good February as well, enjoy your week off!

  12. So neat to have the pre-spring vacation! Traveling is always great, but staycation can be just as fun too :)

  13. CAN WE TAKE A MOMENT AND PRAISE THIS POST?! You really got me drooling and hungry! I love the way you put snacks in different containers. It really inspired me to do that more! Love your drawings as always xx

  14. How lucky! I want to stay home for a week sometimes. Hope you had a great Lunar New Year too!


  15. Love this post, and your blog! Such lovely writing and stunning photography!

    Hannie Arden from

  16. This is my favorite kind of post!! I love every shots of your desk, all of them are so cute & adorable <3
    And that savory pancakes!! I've never had one before, but it looks so yummy xx

    Kaylee | JK's Dawn

  17. Nom, all your food is making me hungry!


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