Random Barcelona snaps

The rooftop view from La Arenas shopping mall. And that there in the background is the National Museum of Barcelona! A post here.

La Arenas Mall
Las Arenas is a renovated bull fighting ring into a shopping mall. Which is great! Not only because I love malls and shopping but because Barcelona and the Catalonia region has forbid bull fighting. 
Las Arenas also have cinema inside with a great rooftop too! Go up and gaze at the views. It's worth it c:

Barcelona is really a bike friendly town

Food obvious
@Sandwichez   3/5
Me and my family had lunch at Sandwichez, a chain café throughout Barcelona. 
The café looks appealing: industrial interior with lots of wood. And! The food behind the glass display looks delicious too. This is promising. 
Sandwichez not only offers the usual café food but has food with tastes from all over world: curry panini breads (Italian flatbread), falafel and Japanese style salads! These were our lunch choices along with my latte macchiato, a pot tea and soda's.
My falafel were pre-heated before being served. I was so looking forward to it! This wrapped up good smelled nice and I took a bite of it after and, o boy: what a disappointment. Where was the salt? It surely lacked seasoning and tasted really bland. 
'Japo' salad
A japo or a 'Japanese' inspired salad! A Japanese food lover like me can't leave this one out so I've ordered it. This bowl  of €3,40 has: edamame soybeans, carrots, beans, lettuce, rice and sesame in it. Again just like the falafel, this salad smelled fragrant and luckily it came with a dressing (can't really pinpoint what dressing but it's something with soy) otherwise it would taste so bland! I also hoped the rice would have the texture of sushi rice but sadly it was not. Overall, not a very successful inspired Japanese salad.  
Our second Chinese dinner at some Chinese restaurant which I can't remember. These steamed buns/bao's doesn't taste that good (clearly deep frozen) as they look like. 

Me and Barcelona random shots
 View from my hotel rooftop.

The streetbirds of Holland are usually pigeons, sparrows and seagulls. The streetbirds in Spain have this lovely green exotic parrot-look-alike one!


  1. That's too bad that the food wasn't that great at the "sandwiches" place and at the Chinese restaurant! The photos make them look so appealing and now I'm craving chow mein & dim sum!


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