Many weeks ago I went back for my 2nd time to KLUP. KLUP is a nice pop up store with teamed up brands inside. The last time I went to KLUP was for the promising and healthy Sue bites and I end up being very pleased with these bites! This time I am bringing a foodie friend of mine and let her try out the bites too and also for other foods at KLUP.

Vele weken terug was ik weer in KLUP Rotterdam voor de 2e keer! KLUP is een pop-up winkeltje met diverse merken die samenwerken. De laatste keer kwam ik voor de veelbelovende en gezonde Sue bites en ze waren zeer lovend! Dit keer heb ik mijn foodie vriendinnetje meegenomen en liet haar de Sue bites proberen, maar natuurlijk ook de andere dingen bij KLUP

SUE Bites:sugar free, gluten free, lactose free, raw and very vegan

Yay, new Sue bite flavor: Oreo! A choice that quickly was made. The Oreo Sue bite is delicious and has a nice nutty and chocolate taste but it does not really remind me of an Oreo. Maybe because of the nutty-ness inside the Sue bite.
My friend A. picked the `Bounty` one and she liked it a lot!


The last time I was here I picked the `ginger tea` and this time I went for the chai tea latte. My friend the fresh tea with mint leaves. Finding a tea bag in my chai latte was something new to me. The whole chai tea latte was very creamy too perhaps even too creamy for my liking. The good thing is it was not too sweet yet I had to drop 1 sugar cube for better taste.
Pad Thai 

Then lastly our `pad Thai` dish which we shared it. It came after we had our sweet Sue bites and drinks, a little taste bud confusion but it is fine. Like the Sue bites the pad Thai (€6) is prepared in a healthy way and it was served cold, making it taste like a salad. It does not really remind me of the classical pad Thai but it was good, spicy and raw. And mostly healthy.

ADDRESS:  Karel Doormanstraat 372 Rotterdami - THE NETHERLANDS 
Food:  4/5 Service: ♥ 4/5 Interior:  4/5 Price:  4/5 


  1. the pad thai looks really like salad to me, very appetizing.

  2. Wow the food looks incredible! So weird that the pad thai is cold. But at least it tasted nice!

    Nat | Dignfiable

  3. Ziet er goed uit :]
    Waar hoor pad thai naar te smaken?

  4. Yum! That oreo sue bite looks delicious. What do you suppose it is made of? Dates, cocoa nibs, coconut, and walnuts?

  5. The Sue bites sound really intriguing, and they look yummy!

  6. Yumm I really want to try the Bounty Sue bite! Raw desserts like that seem like they'd be very easy to DIY :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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