Peek Into My Life 66


Happy belated Spring everyone! I always look forward for Spring but right now I wish the weather and such could be a bit sunnier and warmer.

While choosing the pictures for today’s post, I’ve realized it will be a blogpost with 80% food content and 20% others. Again. Pictures of homemade food and eating outs.
But also my recent bits of my life too.
Easter is also around the corner! I still need to stock up chocolate eggs. What about you? What are you Easter plans?

Recently I’ve been trying to create blogposts that are friendly for English and Dutch readers.
Below I have created a ‘hover’ mouse over. Once the mouse is hovered it will show a Dutch translated text. Hopefully it will work out for you guys!


Vrolijk lente nogmaals iedereen! Ik kijk altijd ernaar uit de lente. Als het weer nou wat zonniger en warmer is dan zou het nog fantastischer zijn.

Toen ik foto’s voor de blogpost van vandaag uitzocht, realiseerde ik me dat het weer een blogpost gaat worden met 80% food inhoud en 20% de overige. Foto's van zelfgemaakte gerechten en buiten de deur eten, maar ook mijn recente kiekjes van mijn leven ook natuurlijk.

Pasen is ook al om de hoek! Ik heb nog geen paaseitjes gehaald maar dat komt nog wel. En jij dan? Wat zijn je plannen voor Pasen?

Tot slot heb ik geprobeerd de blogposts leesvriendelijk te maken voor zowel Engelse en als Nederlandse lezers. Ik heb er wat op bedacht! Wanneer je met je muis over een stuk tekst vliegt, dan krijg je de Nederlandse vertaling. Hopelijk valt dit goed in de smaak!


Homemade nomming

Recipe: Honey nut cake
A cake from one of my older recipes. With a dollop of green tea ice cream! 

Recipe: coconut latte
Homemade coconut latte 
Lunch at Bakker Boer ♥♥♥♥ 4/5 

A small lunch at our local bakery who has a small sitting area where we took advantage of. I had a cup of cappuccino with a slice of delicious airy apple cake. My dad a sandwich called `broodje gezond` which literally means `healthy sandwich` in Dutch.
My crochet works of recent

Upcoming DIY 
Making a strawberry shortcake. Which strawberry side is better do you think?
Foodies on a date
@Bagels & Beans ♥♥♥ 4/5

We ordered: 'nootgeval' yogurt, chai latte, 'no-stress' smoothie and a tuna bagel

'Nootgeval' yogurt
My daily breakfast habit is usually having yogurt with muesli and fruit so at B&B I have decided to pick a yogurt too. It was delicious and refreshing one, topped with nice bananas and sweet maple syrup underneath.
Tuna bagel
My friend is a tuna freak so it was obvious for her to pick the tuna bagel. It was amazing delish according to her! And honesty it does look mouthwatering.
Chai tea latte
I was finally having my chai latte from B&B! So far the only chai latte I really liked are the ones from Starbucks (perhaps the amount of sugar plays a roll too). But the chai latte from B&B aint bad too! Quite spicy which I like but I still had to add a sugar cube in it.
We end that day with dim sum. A happy day indeed. 
Took my friend A. for her first time bubble tea but she did not enjoyed it. So I end up drinking hers too which I did not mind of course. Hydration is key!
The same friend A. made me a no-bake Oreo cheesecake. Yum!
At home I did

Creating pixel art on the laptop. 


  1. Haha food is such a big part of my life, so my weekly roundups are similarly filled with food :P especially my post for this week! // I can't read Dutch, but the hover function is cool! // Wow that pixel art is so intricate! // Bubble tea is my love; I would gladly have two cups in one go ^-^ -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. your mouse over to dutch language works but I do not know how to read them the food that you shared which is very much different from our diet.

  3. cool post so many lovely pics!

  4. Again, you're killing me with all the tasty food pics - om nom nom

  5. Mmm, your food pictures always make me so hungry :) Those pixel art cakes at the end look adorable!

  6. I just love your food pictures!!! Yummy! =)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  7. Such delicious foods and really cute pixel art!

  8. I like the strawberry shortcake on the left :)

  9. You always eat the most amazing and beautiful meals!

  10. YUMMY! All that good stuff! I've been having good coffee a bit more often and now I totally get why people are into coffee! Also I haven't had dim sum in a while and really wanna have a full dim sum meal soon! Love that slice of apple cake, nothing makes me happier than a good moist sweet slice of cake! YUMMM


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