Whats in my wallet?


My Kate Spade wallet that I self-gift myself on my birthday is 3 months old now and to this very day I still enjoy using it!
It’s my daily essential and I take it everywhere when going out.

The ‘what’s inside my …’ is one of my favourite serie posts to read of other bloggers. Because you know, I am curious and like peeking in a Pandora box of others. To make it fair I’d like to show you my ins-and-outs of my wallet!

So. What’s all the jazz inside my wallet? I am afraid it’s not that jazzy really. It holds my important cards, my beloved point system cards and of course little money. Lets take a look!

Mijn Kate Spade portemonnee, een zelf-cadeautje voor mijn verjaardag is nu 3 maanden oud en nog steeds gebruik ik het met alle plezier.
Het is zowat mijn dagelijkse onmisbaar ding en neem het overal mee wanneer ik de deur uit gaat.

Het 'wat zit er in mijn …’ is een van mijn favoriete serie posts om te lezen van andere bloggers. Eerlijk is eerlijk ik ben best wel een nieuwsgierig mensje en kijk graag naar anderen. En om het eerlijk te maken wil ik best wel mijn eigen portemonnee laten zien!

Dus. Wat kan er allemaal tussen de gleuven verstopt zitten? Niet echt extreem bijzonders. Gewoon mijn belangrijke pasjes, mijn geliefde spaarkaarten natuurlijk en vaak weinig geld. Neem maar een kijkje!

One of the favorite things of this compact wallet is the little back compartment that holds my coins. I have also attached a keyring with a De Tuinen clubcard, housekey and a sweet hart keyring that is bound with my best friend. We know each other more than 12 years strong!
14 things
1. Ikea clubcard // 2. NS OV-Chipcard // 3. a photo of me and my passed away grandma // 4. Kruidvat clubcard // 5. my Ice Pandora business card // 6. The Body Shop clubcard // 7. bank debit card // 8. ID card // 9. Expresszo point system card // 10. AH To-Go point system card // 11. Yoyo! Fresh Tea point system card // 12. organ donor card // 13. Amy's Fresh and Frozen Yogurt point system card // 14. €0,75 cent and a Miss Etam coin 


  1. That is such a cute wallet! I love your cute little keychain too :)

  2. Hi thanks for dropping by to my blog! hehe I love your small wallet but can as well fit all the useful things and I love the polka dots so cute!

    Sharon Lee

  3. Ooh it's a cute wallet! I've been meaning to get a smaller one like that!

  4. Ah, what a fantastic little gift you made for yourself!


  5. So sweet that you keep a photo of you and your grandma in your wallet! <3

  6. Awwwww such a cute wallet! I really love Kate Spade - all the designs are so lovely :) xx

  7. Also I feel like I read and commented on this yesterday? Apologies if I have done a double comment! x

  8. That keychain is the cutest - love it

  9. Such a fun little post, the contents of your wallet is so colorful!

    chloé⎪ status.chlo

  10. Ack the wallet is so cute!! *_* Soooo many cards haha. The wallet almost seems to small for it all to fit 8D I like your ID card photo, mine is just terrible :')

  11. cute, loving posts like this one! have a nice day dear xx


  12. I have a Kate Spade wallet too and I fit a lot of stuff in it! You remind me that I really gotta get an Ikea card.

    7% Solution

  13. Haha always gotta have a blogger business card on you! :) I see that you have a point card for bubble tea. The only good place to get bubble tea near where I study is the Kungfu Tea at Chinatown, but they don't have point cards T_T If they did, I'd have quite a few drinks already ;P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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