Food that did not made it to IG


I think it’s safe to say that I take pictures of my food everyday. Regardless if it’s a dish, a snack or the process that I’m snapping it. At the end, only the ‘best’ will make it to the cut to my Instagram gallery and the rest who didn’t make it, well, they end up in a food compilation post like todays.    

Ik denk dat het veilig is om te zeggen dat ik elke dag foto’s neem. Van eten welteverstaan. Of het nou een gerecht is, een snackje of een kookproces ik leg ze allemaal vast met mn camera. Daarna volgt er een besluit want alleen de ‘beste’ komt in mijn Instagram galerij te hangen. Wie net niet op de IG galerij hangt, komt in een leuk food compilatie blog bericht zoals die van vandaag.

Scone and tiger bun
Both are bought from M&S bakery and gobbeled them up at lunchtime. What are your following steps of eating your scone? My first step would be clotted cream than jam, but since I don`t have clotted cream standard in my fridge, I have replaced the clotted cream with condensed milk. Also very nice.
Strawberries are one of the fruits that are rare to our household because they are not cheap. But lately they are sold everywhere in the markets and supermarkets making the pricetag very reasonable! I guess the strawberry season has begun and that makes my breakfast a little bit indulging!
Ok, this one did actually made it to my IG but I can`t help it but to post them here too. They were delicioush! Ask my family.
Pasta, noodles and seeds
Only quick and nutricious dinner dishes here: pasta in herb and how cute are the pasta shapes! Bought it last Summer in Italy. Then we have a healthy one: quinoa salad with a boiled egg. Yum. And lastly curry udon noodle soup. Also yum!


  1. Did you make the curry udon noodle soup? It looks mighty tasty!

  2. condensed milk <3 udon <3 I really wish I had a kitchen in college!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. me too taking almost most of the food picture that I ate but my daughters do not like the ideas that they have to wait for me to finish taking photos then can eat..haaa..

  4. the curry udon looks delicious. noodles are my favorite kinds of dishes -- with hot or cold broth :)

  5. Mmmmm condensed milk? And couscous? I'm getting hungry now


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