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A few weeks back I was in The Hague to meet up with my brother from school. Before meeting my bro up after school, I grabbed lunch first at a food place that I was looking forward to visit and it’s called ‘Tosti van Josti’! Tosti is a yummy and simple Dutch styled grilled cheese but Tosti van Josti has more than just a simple grilled cheese sandwiches on their menu. They even have a sweet tosti variation and also serve paninis! Yum!

Here the menus: [x], [x]
Here a cool virtual tour through the building: [x]   

Een paar weken terug was ik in Den Haag en heb met broerlief afgesproken na schooltijd. Voordat ik broerlief van school afhaalde, ging ik eerst nog even lunchen en had al een leuke plek gezien, namelijk:'Tosti van Josti'! Wie houdt niet van de lekkere Nederlandse tosti maar Tosti van Josti heeft natuurlijk meer dan alleen een simpel plakje kaas tussen twee gegrild brood op hun menu. Ze hebben zelfs een zoete tosti variant en serveren ook panini’s! Lekker!

Hier zijn de menu's: [x], [x]
Hier een coole virtuele tour door het pand: [x]

I ordered: Tosti Tuna Melt, Chai latte, Rooibos ice tea 
Tosti Tuna Melt
Mhm in a tuna mood! But firstly, I got to choose between pumpkin bread, white or multigrain bread types for my tosti/grilled cheese and got myself the pumpkin bread.
Then secondly you choose your sauce: a honey dill. Then finally thirdly I have ordered the `Tosti Tuna Melt` which is also the latest tosti flavor added to the menu. The tosti/grilled cheese is filled with homemade tuna mixture, finely chopped onion and organic cheese.

Having something homemade is a plus already and my tosti arrived on a nice wooden plank, alongside with sauce and garniture (cucumbers). My tosti was nice and hot and the tuna is delicious! I do wish for a tad more cheese because the tuna really overpowered it. The sauce luckily is a good match and is amazinly delicious too!
Very yummy honey dill sauce!
How do you eat a tosti/grilled cheese? I`d normally just eat it by hand and dunk it in the sauce. But since Tosti van Josti came with a set of cutlery I decided to eat the first slice by hand and eat the second one neatly with fork and knife. With the sauce smeared over on top. I like either ways.
Chai latte:
How nice! It has a anise on top! The chai latte has a lovely herby and soft taste. Good sweetness too! Could be spicier in my opinion.
ADDRESS: Korte Poten 5 2511 EB The Hague - The Netherlands 
Food:  4/5 
Service: ♥♥ 4/5
Interior:  5/5
Price:  4/5


  1. I actually like my chai lattes with more cinnamon sugary sweetness than spice, so maybe this is the perfect place for me to get chai ;) and OMG I LOVE the interior with those "swings"!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. I order cappuccino more often whenever i visited any cafes..i wonder how chai latte would taste? those grilled cheese looked yummy!!

    xo joselovincolors

  3. ‘Tosti van Josti’ looks so delicious, and the drink is very lovely!!!


  4. So so yummy! And never thought to have it with pumpkin bread, I usually just have it on wholegrain. I just eat it by hand, easiest and so simple!

    nat | Dignifiable

  5. A toasties themed cafe? Sounds amazing. I've never had sauce on top before though!

  6. it gave me an idea of eating tuna next the look at that tea I know it's delightful.

  7. Are those swings inside? How neat!

  8. I haven't had a good tuna sandwich in a while! I totally love my tuna filling with lots of mayo, bits of chopped onion, a dash of hot sauce and honey...!


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