My V&D bankruptcy haul


The V&D, also know as the Vroom & Dreesmann is one of our Dutch largest department stores that has declared bankrupt on 31 December 2015 (yes on NYE) sadly. I honestly didn’t shop  much there but when I do go, I mostly purchase for stationery, books and sometimes clothes and bags too.
But mostly I liked their café where I enjoy my weekend coffees with friends and family.

A few weeks ago the V&D once more opened their doors to sell out their last merchandise in big discounts. Me, feeling a slight guilty being in crazy-buy-cheap-stuff-mood I did went to my local V&D to check out the bargain and came home with stuff eventually. Nothing big really and I did a pretty good job in holding myself back (if I must say). Lets check it out!    

Onze V&D die failliet verklaard werd op 31 december 2015. Ik was wel beetje geschokt om dat nieuws te horen, want stiekem had ik ergens gehoopt op een doorstart. Ik moet ook eerlijk bekennen dat mijn geld ook niet vaak uitgeef aan de V&D. Wanneer ik dat wel doe, koop ik meestal school/kantoor prullaria, boeken en soms kleren en tassen. Maar waar ik het meest uitgeef is mijn weekend brunches bij hun café.

Maar de V&D ging nog een keer open om hun laatste restjes voorraad te verkopen. Met hoge korting. Met een broeiende koopgekte in mijn hoofd en toch een licht schuldgevoel, ging ik naar mijn plaatselijk V&D toe en kwam niet met lege handen thuis. Ik heb me best wel netjes ingehouden al zeg ik het zelf, want ik heb eigenlijk niet echt groots gekocht. Scroll naar beneden naar de aankoopjes!
a roll kraft wrapping paper // a book with useful printed craft cardboards // mechanical pencil 0.5 mm refillers // Aristo mechanical 0.5 pencil // a 3H pencil // a white roller pen // a notebook
Buying or looking?

Store furniture but also mannequin dolls were sold too.
Rough time removing the price tag stickers because I did`nt want to ruin the paper cover.


  1. Shame about the bankruptcy BUT you got so many cute things! So lucky on your part!

    nat - dignifiable

  2. The paper is so beautiful! And wow, what a collection of mannequins. Almost a little creepy :o but would be very interesting for a photoshoot :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. Oh I miss stationary shopping. I have been meaning to bring back some writing and journaling back into my life but it always gets sidelined. When I went on my Florida trip recently though I wish I had a travel journal with me so I can remember. Luckily I was checking into places on the Swarm app so I remembered where I was on certain days. But a written out journal would've been nicer :)

  4. Eeeek about the bankruptcy but at least you were able to purchase items at a bargain price!

  5. I love using kraft paper for wrapping gifts! What do you have planned to use them for?

  6. I like those craft papers, can either use them for wrapping gift or just keep them as collection.


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