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Once again Firmoo has offered me a second time to do a little review for them by sending me a free pair of glasses of desire! Thank you so much! My last time with Firmoo where I picked a regular eyeglasses without prescription was an overall good first time experience.

For my second time I got the chance to pick from a nice range in eyeglasses but also sunglasses! Since I haven’t tried out their sunglasses yet my choice was made simpler but making a choice of a bunch of good looking sunglasses was pretty hard still. That’s what I like about Firmoo: they have good eye for good design in glasses and frames.

Eventually I have made my choice and here ready to write a honest and critical opinion for you guys.  

Firmoo heeft voor de 2e keer een gratis bril aangeboden in ruil voor een review post! Heel erg bedankt! De vorige keer met Firmoo was een fijne eerste keer ervaring waarbij ik voor een gewone bril zonder sterkte heb gekozen.

Voor mijn tweede keer kreeg ik de kans om te kiezen uit een mooi collectie van gewone brillen, maar ook zonnebrillen! Omdat ik de zonnebril van Firmoo nog nooit hebt uit geprobeerd was de keuze al snel gemaakt: het werd dus een zonnebril, maar wat voor een zonnebril? Firmoo heeft teveel leuke zonnebrillen maar dat is wat ik zo leuk vindt aan Firmoo: gevoel voor stijl.

Uiteindelijk heb ik mijn keuze gemaakt en waarmee ik vandaag dus een review gaat over schrijven. Eerlijk en kritisch uiteraard.


'After I made my choice I`ve placed my order on the 15th April. Firmoo shipped it on the 20th April and my product arrived on the 25th of April and that means 10 days passed by before my (via DHL shipping service) parcel dropped on the doormat. Shipping process is not too slow or super fast which concludes it`s pretty ok! The shipping includes tracking which is nice and secure too.
Sponsorship or not it`s a tricky part where I still have to write a critical review, especially when one of the lenses broke at arrival.


- a beautiful case: just like my previous review, Firmoo included again with another sturdy case that has a super stylish print (reminds me of the higher end brand Alviero Martini) on it! It also came with a wipe cloth too.

- a pouch with spares: I`m happy to see that Firmoo still includes the handy screwdriver keychain along with spare nose pads.

- the sunglass: I was really looking forward to see the actual product. The sunglass was packed and protected inside the case.
Unfortunately, one of the (plastic) lenses already fell out from the frame. That was a bit of a bummer because you want the product to arrive safe and sound and all in one piece. So I had to fix it. I managed to pop the lens back into the frame but it wasn`t easy because I didn`t use full force as I didn`t want to break the frame/lens.
Anyway it is fixed! Apart from the broken lens, the product looks exactly the same as displayed on the Firmoo website and I`m pleased! I love the shape of the gilded nose bridge which pretty much was the key factor for me to order this sunglass. Another key factor that made me order is also: the mirror tinted glasses! Perfect for spying on people of course!
So the pro`s are being said, there are cons too. Even though the sunglass has a stylish design, the sunglass however feels a bit inexpensive thanks to the plastic frame work. I wonder how long my sunglass will last and since my pick is worth $19 I am also wondering how much the quality weight out the price.

Happy with mirror tinted glasses!

Final thoughts
Despite the broken lens at arrival, I am pleased with my overall order. Firmoo is a friendly online optic shop with good service and custom care. My email contact with Firmoo went pleasant too as I also explained the broken lens and Firmoo responded well on that.
These sunglasses are super stylish and I am definitely going to wear it a lot in Summer 2016! The glasses are $19 not included the shipping/tax cost yet and if it wasn`t for this cooperation with Firmoo I honestly, would not have purchase them because of the price and quality ratio that I have mentioned before. I think time will tell of how long they will last.



  1. Aw sucks about them breaking and being a bit flimsy. They look good on you though!

    Jane / <a href=">deluminators</a>

  2. Daaah hij staat je zo cute! Wel jammer idd dat het glas er uit was.. Maar die brillenkoker tho; im in love!

    Liefs, Tessa

  3. That's too bad about the quality of the glasses! It looks stylish though!

  4. I really like how the lenses look, but it's unfortunate that they popped out! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. Those glasses are super cool! You look great in them!

  6. love the design and color too!! i think you choose the right design and you looked so cute in those glasses. sorry to hear that the lens came off.. but it still looks cool

    xo joselovincolors

  7. Gelukkig kon je de lens er weer in zetten! Ik zou het niet durven een bril via het internet, die wil ik toch echt passen in de winkel!
    Hij staat je, net zoals de andere, ook leuk :]

  8. I know this brand, it's nice ! Love the sunglasses !


  9. Wat jammer dat een van de glazen eruit was gekomen. Fijn wel dat je 't nog zelf hebt weten repareren :) Staat je heel goed!

  10. Those sunglasses are so pretty, it sucks that the quality isn't the best! x

  11. I love those sunglasses perfectly designed, and they look great on you.

  12. Wow firmoo glasses always look so good, perfect. x

  13. I love how they look on you, so retro :D Always sad when something arrives broken, but at least you managed to fix it! ^^
    memoleaf - blog

  14. Such a shame the lens had fallen out, I'm glad you were able to fix them though. They really suit you! <3

  15. ah too bad it came with the lens popped out. but otherwise it is a beautiful design! looks lovely on you!

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