Top 4 plans to do this Sunday


My Sundays are usually relaxing and slow ones, with the usual yoga exercise in the morning followed by a leisurely breakfast. Last Sunday it was all of sudden 20ºC outside and extremely sunny that I have decided to throw a 360 in my usual Sundays: a walk outside. This made me realize that a change can be refreshing. Below are more refreshing plans to do on your Sunday tomorrow!   

Mijn zondag is meestal ontspannen en lekker sloom, met de gebruikelijke yoga oefening in de ochtend, gevolgd door een uitgebreid ontbijt. Afgelopen zondag was het 20ºC buiten met veel gezonde vitamine D in de lucht dat ik heb besloten het roer om te gooien in mijn gebruikelijke zondag: een wandeling maken! Dit deed me beseffen dat een verandering best verfrissend kan zijn. Hieronder vindt je nog meer verfrissende plannen die je morgen kan doen op de zondag!

1. De-stress insead distress coloring

Adult coloring! It`s pretty popular in the past few years in my country and I`m sure the not only country. Apart that it can develop a new hobby it apparently also have a therapeutic and destressing effect. Very inexpensive too! I`m honestly skeptic in the beginning but tried it anyways. Who knows I`ll get inspired or something! I end up feeling pretty much the same. The only thing that was a bit different is that I wanted to continue with coloring while I also wanted to stop.

2. Digitalize memories

The next plan is a nice one to do on a rainy/cold/stormy Sunday: scan and digitalize your irreplaceable photos and store them in Dropbox! I`m planning to do this because to be sure for the unsure.
 3. Forget time

I love to walk aimlessly around town and last Sunday was a perfect day to get out of my house. With just music and a thermos flask I walked for about 1 hour! It is also a good way to stray away from the internet and social media too and besides a walk is always good for the body!

4. Read blogs
Finally, Sundays are a great to catch up with your blog readings! #happysunday everyone!


  1. Forgetting time is one of the best feelings! But snapping back from that into the socialized world can be kinda scary. This Sunday (tomorrow) I'm planning to go to a cafe in the afternoon with a friend and try to be super productive and prepare for the school week ahead :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. lovely post!

  3. I love routine posts, they're so intersting to read!
    Thos adult colouring books looks so fun, but I just know I won't have the patience for it haha!

  4. i love this list! and I'm a big fan of colouring books, so therapeutic and it feels lovely to just hold pencils in your hand :) x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  5. Sunday is typically my blog catch up day as well :)

  6. Happy belated Sunday! I like to spend Sundays prepping for the week ahead and also relaxing at the same time. I usually give myself a pedicure, do a face mask, and browse through recipes for what I'm going to cook for the week. Then, I go grocery shopping and prep what I can for the week's meals. Then, my husband and I usually take Louie for a nice walk along the beach or somewhere around our neighborhood.

  7. i need to try the adult coloring books. looks so soothing to do.


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