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So I want to try something new with blogging and posting new topics so I came up with a new topic and it’s basically about ‘my day’! It’s a blogpost about what I did in a particular day, labeled with a timetable and activities I did in that time accordingly from AM to PM.

I want to start this new blogserie with the last Saturday.

Nothing out of the ordinary, just a normal Saturday. Hopefully you readers will like it. It is similar to my other blogserie ‘Peek into my life’ which is all about my personal life with pictures and all.
‘From AM to PM with me’ goes more deeper and specific on a day and I think it’s a fun way to get to know me better as well!   

Dus ik wil iets nieuws met bloggen en met nieuwe onderwerpen en ideeën komen, dus toen dacht ik, laat ik het over ‘mijn dag’ bloggen! Een blogpost over een specifiek dag met een tijdschema en activiteiten dat ik deed in die tijd in de volgorde van AM tot PM.

Ik wil deze nieuwe blogserie beginnen met de zaterdag van afgelopen week.

Een doodgewone normale zaterdag, niets bijzonders. Hopelijk vinden jullie het een leuke blogserie. Het is vergelijkbaar met mijn andere blogserie 'Peek into my life, die gaat namelijk ook over mijn persoonlijke leven met foto’s en al.
'From AM to PM with me' gaat nog dieper erop in over een dag, een leuke manier om mij beter te leren kennen!

9:45 AM - yoga
It`s Saturday and usually I sleep in. Last week I`ve worked 5 days straight in a row and I was pretty tired by the end of the week. The temptation to sleep in till noon was high but I end up setting my alarm to 9:30 AM, got out of bed, washed my face and changed into my yoga gear and practised yoga for half an hour. That really waked me up good!

10:20 AM - tea and fruit
After yoga it was time for a well deserved tea and fruit!
11:00 AM // breakfast 
After I have done some small households and changed in clothing, I go eat breakfast. Usually it`s a bowl of yogurt with healthy toppings. Lately I am eating goat yogurt, have you ever tried that before? Really good and healthy and contains low lactose too.
12:30 PM // lunch
In the weekend I tend to make lunch a bit special so I have made pancakes!

14:00 PM // going to the city
Like every Saturday I go to the city for our weekly errand, a little bit of shopping and strolling and a coffee-brunch.

Adorable shop window.

14:20-17:30 PM  // little errands
Cappuccino caramel!

I have also bought new earphones.
18:30 PM // dinner
Spaghetti with mushroom, zucchini and quinoa.
19:00 - 21:00 PM // me time 

The usual craft time.
21:00 PM // watching Eurovision Songfestival 2016
Then it was time to follow the EU vision song festival 2016 live! The Netherlands got into the finals which is a good achievement and I`m happy but I also know that we will not win the contest. And we end up with 11th place out of 26. Ukraine is the winner of this year and with all respect to Ukraine I am still a little bit gobsmacked because I was so sure Australia will win this years contest! So bumped out because I was rooting for Dami Im who did a great job in representing Australia. On the other hand it would be ironic if Australia won the EU vision song contest. O well, I guess I`ll see you next year with the Asia Pacific vision song festival 2017 version!


  1. I loved this little snapshot into your weekend! So cool to hear that so many people were rooting for Dami too but I agree, it'd be kind of ironic if Australia did end up winning!

  2. Oooh! I like this series. Your day was just so good! + of course I love your knitting. Can't wait to have chill days once again.
    Caffeine Rush

  3. Sounds like a relaxing, yet productive Saturday!

  4. wow! that is one healthy and good routine you follow! :D

  5. Ik kom net voor het eerst op je blog maar wat een heerlijke blog heb jij zeg!

  6. really an interesting topic for blogging! Because, like you know, everyone do this on their VLOG! But you're different. Keep up :D

  7. Lovely photos - it was so nice to be taken along with you during your day. Your dinner also looks absolutely delicious!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  8. loved this whole 'what i did today' post! i think its pretty interesting to see what people around the world get up to! Thats great that you didnt end up sleeping and made the most out of the day! I love your crochet cupcake! Do you follow a book or instructions to make it or do you just create it as you go along?
    Love your blog as always! :)

  9. busy and fulfilling day for a saturday!

  10. I like this snapshot into your life - nice new series :)

  11. Love this and can't wait to see more of it! The pasta looks delicious :o -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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