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Ugh, I can't believe it's almost June 2016 and that means we are halfway through the year. Time goes so fast doesn't it. The month May is one of my favorite months of the year because it happen to be the greenest month too. With perhaps unavoidable hay fever and such but since I live near the sea it's not too severe. Check out more what I did in May down below!   

Ik kan bijna niet geloven hoe snel we juni alweer benaderen en dat betekent dat we 2016 al bijna voor de helft gehad hebben. Tijd vliegt! De maand mei is trouwens een van mijn favoriete want alles staat zo beetje in de bloei en zo groen allemaal! Helaas hoort hierbij ook de hooikoorts maar sinds ik vlak aan zee woont, valt hooikoorts redelijk mee. Bekijk hieronder wat ik nog meer beleefd heb in de mei maand!
Hover for

... but Middelburg! A small city near my hometown. 
A café with awesome quiches - a fuller blogpost about it coming soon!
A little shout out to my wonderful visitors throughout these wonderful blog years: thank you for stopping by!

This silly cat named `Monster` was gazing and hoping to get food (chips) from me and
my friend.
Here we were watching a movie called `Gone` starring Amanda Seyfriend (she`s so gorgeous!).
Home baking
Sugar free baking experiments: peanut butter cake and shortbread cookies made out of coconut flour. I liked the peanut butter cake though needed to be more fluffier in my opinion and the shortbread cookies were soft rather than crunchy. Both clearly needs improvements.
Steamed custard bun lover. 
Soon to be harvest from the back yard: pak choi veggies!
Eggplant Hawaiian pizza, the healthy version. For the recipe click the
link below!
More nomnoms 
This is a sweet delicacy Dutch pastry called `Zeeuwse bolus` and it`s originally invented in the province Zeeland. It`s made of bread dough covered with brown caster sugar mixture, kind of similar to the cinnamon roll and very delicious!
My latest crafty mish mash

Loving this heart box! From Next To Nick. 
Link: Heart Gift Box Template
Testing the macro function of my phone camera
Spending my Mothers Day in the afternoon at my mums grave.


  1. great pictures !!! and 'Monster' look so cute ! he look a bit like mine :)

  2. The Dutch pastry looks so delicious! The weather this May has been less than ideal for me, but I still managed to have fun amidst it all! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. Love the photos so much !


  4. A very eventful May! Thanks so much for the pictures.
    The cake and cookies looked great, and the vegetables looked healthy!
    It is amazing that it's almost June already. Time passes by scary fast.

  5. Sounds like you had a nice month. I did too but it went by way too fast! That toast with avocado and rice looks really good, I need to try that. I love anything with avocado.

  6. What a cute little side street!! All this food is making me hungry, too :9

  7. Steamed custard buns are my absolute favourite


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