Sketching and Searching 7


Here are some new sketches I’ve been working on lately and other than that I have pixelart for you! Woo! New pixelart because lately I’ve been very motivated to pixel up new stuff after I have made none new pixelart for years. Hopefully I didn’t lose my mojo!

More pixelart at: Deviantart // Carbonmade.  

Hier zijn alweer nieuwe schetsen die ik onlangs gekrabbeld heb op papier. Daarnaast heb ik ook nog pixelart in petto voor jullie! Nieuwe pixelart want de laatste tijd ben ik ontzettend gemotiveerd om nieuwe pixelart te maken. Ik heb al jaren geen pixelart meer gemaakt. Hopelijk ben ik ze niet verleerd.

Meer pixelart vind je op: Deviantart // Carbonmade.


Body and costume study. Lately I`ve been into game costumes, so much details going on!
Hand study. The way she hold the book is weird, I know I know.

People who has been following me for a while knows that I truly love creating food in pixelart. But on the other hand it`s not that shockingly or surprising to know :P anyways, here are cakes and bubbleteas. They are one of my favorite foods in the world.

Can you guess what I am working on here?


  1. Your work is so amazing! Very cute little bubble teas :P xxx

  2. Your art is incredibly cute! I like the use of shading, especially in the hair.
    I really like the pixel art foods (a weakness of mine). The cakes are my favourite.
    I believe you're working on a yoooooghurt? Should be about right. Looks good either way!

  3. Simply wonderful!

  4. I like your drawings very much, especially the whimsical details! Your technical skills are impressive but it's the mood you create that makes them special.

  5. You are truly an artist! I love that strawberry shortcake pixel art! Too cute.

  6. These look so familiar like... did you ever sell things on Gaiaonline? Because your blog name sounds familiar too. I might be thinking of something else but still, your pixel are is so gorgeous!

  7. Aww, the pixel art is darling

  8. BUBBLE TEA!!! <3 hmm... are you working on a smoothie/acai bowl? -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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