Testing Vegan Sandwich Spreads (savory)


Nomnom! Recently I have been enjoying my bread a  bit more with these new bread spreads: vegetarian paté - by Tartex! There are 16 flavors in total but I want to start off with 3 flavors first.

As a child I used to enjoy eating real paté  that is made of meat but since I cut off eating meat I haven’t eaten paté in a long long while. Until I have discovered that there are vegetarian savory paté! They are also vegan- and gluten free too! And even sugar free too because I couldn’t find any sugary in the ingredient list and lastly they are free from preservatives too! Woop!

Mhmm! De laatste tijd heb ik een broodbeleg ontdekt namelijk vegetarische paté - van Tartex! Er zijn 16 smaken in totaal maar ik wil om te beginnen eerst met 3 smaken.

Als kind at ik graag ‘echte’ paté/smeerworst, dat gemaakt is van vlees, maar sinds ik al jaren geen vlees meer eet heb ik ook al jaren geen paté meer gegeten.  Totdat ik de hartige vegetarische paté heb ontdekt. Ze zijn eigenlijk ook vegan- en glutenvrij ook nog! En zelfs ook suikervrij, want ik kon geen suiker vinden in de ingrediëntenlijst en tot slot: ze bevatten geen conserveermiddelen! Yay!


Let me get straight to the heart of the matter: the mushroom paté is by far my favorite of the 3! The texture of the paté is smooth making it easy to smear on bread, though the texture does get firmer when it`s been refrigerated. What I also love is that you can actually see clear pieces of mushrooms in it. Eating this with a slice of breads almost taste like dipping bread in creamy mushroom soup. Yum, mushroom soup! One of my favorite soups and if you are too then you are going to be very pleased with this one!
Shiitake is also a mushroom but mushroom originated from China and Japan. I have been eating shiitake for all my entire life so I can safely say I am familiar with the shiitake taste. This paté really has a subtle taste and hint of shiitake and I wish it was stronger. Also, I didn`t spot any clear visible shiitake chunks unlike the mushroom flavored one. All together it is still a nice paté.
Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs and it certain makes food such as (ovenbaked) potatoes extra delish! This rosemary flavored paté is another nice spread on the bread, with not too subtle or too strong taste of rosemary. You can actually see little stems of rosemary init too.


These veggie paté is savory and for me the longer I eat the saltier after taste I get in my mouth which means I get thirsty. Overall, I like how veganfriendly these paté are because I barely notice any difference with the meaty ones. Great! A very nice first experience too.

End verdict: YUM!


  1. I'm not a fan of pate - I just don't like the consistency of the meat and the fact it's spreadable! But I think the veggie kind would definitely be more my style. The mushroom one sounds yum!

  2. Nice post! I'm a big fan of veggie pate! Looking forward to give that mushroom one a try... I don't know wether you have Aldi there in Netherlands, but they have some great vegetarian and vegan pate/spreads! I'm currently in love with both lentil-curry-coconut and cashew-red pepper pate. Yummy!

  3. I am hungry all over again!!!! Oh my goodness that looks good and it's great to hear you liked it. :)

  4. Oh that's a good idea. I hardly ever have pate (only in banh mi), the idea of it squicks me out a bit even though I'm not a vegetarian. So this would be a good alternative, like Winnie said!

    Jane / deluminators

  5. I've never spread anything on my bread other than mustard, pesto mayo, peanut butter, a few different kinds of jelly (sticking mainly to blueberry, strawberry, and grape), honey, and of course Nutella. If I see anything like this the next time I go grocery shopping, I'll definitely give it a try :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  6. This sounds interesting! I have never tried pate of any kind, but I would certainly give these a taste.


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