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These last couple of days I have been enjoying wearing summer clothes with bare (waxed) legs and of course sandals because Holland is blessed with hot sunny weather!
But before I plunge my feet into my sandals I had to pretty up my toe nails first because lets face it my toe nails are out of shape.
One of my most recent beauty buying is this nail block polisher from The Body Shop. Honestly I don’t care too much for nail care and does it shock you to say I have never done a pedicure (or manicure) at a professional beauty center before?
Perhaps because I am blessed with strong nails. They grow fast and barely chip!

Nonetheless I was still eager to try out this nail block polisher! Read all about my first impressions down here.

Deze laatste paar dagen geniet ik ontzettend van mijn zomer kleren met blote (geschoren) benen en natuurlijk sandalen, want Holland is gezegend met warm zonnig weer!
Maar voordat ik mijn voeten in mijn sandalen duik, heb ik eerst mijn teennagels opgeboend want eerlijk is eerlijk, mijn voeten/tenen zijn niet mijn beste kenmerken.
Een van mijn meest recente beauty koopjes is deze nagel blok van The Body Shop. Eerlijk gezegd boeit nagelverzorging me niet zo. Is het erg om te zeggen dat ik nog nooit een pedicure (of manicure) bij een professionele schoonheidssalon heb gedaan?
Misschien omdat ik gezegend met een sterke nagels. Ze groeien snel en breken nauwelijks af.

Toch stond ik te popelen om dit nagelblokje uit te proberen! Lees hier alles over mijn eerste indrukken hier beneden.

Me for not owning a nail polish block ever in my life, my first nail block sure is a steal!
O, made in Korea!
This nail polish block is made in Korea and I`m not a makeup junkie at all but something that is made from Korea did turned on my fangirl-mode a bit. Korea has lovely brands and collection for Asian skinned people and often are their packaging utterly cute too.

Last weekend I`ve made time to do a mini mani-and pedicure at home. It took me 20-30 min total to give both my hands a good shine? The whole scour and scrub process went well though at step 1 the file step left a bunch of powdered nail dust of mine and I panicked a little bit whether I did it wrong or right? Luckily I did it right and happily to know I still have all my nails at the end at step 4!
Hello kissable nails!
After a day...
After a day of coming home from work, I can`t deny but to notice my nails has lost a layer of gloss and shine like on day 1. They still shine but not as crystal clear shine, like when you apply an oily hand moisterizer on your hands where your nails shows a bit of `blurry` shine. Yeah it`s kind of that shine and it`s a bit disappointing. Especially when I was deeply impressed on day 1. Do they really lose their shine that fast?!
My first impression
PRO: price (even if it wasn`t on sale), leaves a smooth surface and shine to it, handy and convenient use, travel friendly

BUT: doubts on long lasting shine effect, also doubts on the quality of the block. Will the sides wear off soon? Time will tell I guess!

TIP: vijl je nagels maximaal 2-3 keer per maand want anders verdun en verzwak je je nagels.


  1. Hooray for nail blocks! Finally the weather is getting good most places. Can't forget a little TLC because we've been hiding our feet haha. x

  2. I don't really take care of my nails. They're not horrible, but it's not like they're manicured or anything. I remember I bought a nail block many years ago from Sephora for the heck of it and had a lot of fun making my nails shiny when I was bored :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. :o Ik heb nog nooit gehoord van dit product. Leuk om te lezen!! Ik ben zelf ook nog nooit naar een professionele nagel salon geweest haha, vind het allemaal ook zo duur ook ;)

  4. I've never had a pedicure in my life either! I should probably start paying more attention to my toenails though, especially since it's almost sandal weather here...


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