3 Way Chocolate Chips!


Truthfully I am not a huge fan of jars with cookie mix inside but for my last Christmas or birthday - I can't really remember which one since both are close to each other - my colleagues got me this gift jar with chocolate chip cookie mix inside! My colleagues knows how much I bake at home so this jar with cookie mix is only fitting.  Well almost. Their gesture is absolutely angelic but still, not a fan of jars with bake mix inside. I just hope none of my colleagues are reading this blogpost. Ha.  

It's not that don't like this jar concept because the idea of all the ingredients in one jar with little workload at the kitchen is great! I just don't like the measurement of ingredients because I really prefer to know all my measurement and amount of ingredient myself and total control of it.

That's why I never buy instant baking mixture because baking from scratch is nicer! But anyway lets give this gift jar a go because I never done it before. And I've decided to add different flavors too (just to have a little control) just to freshen up the plain ol' one!


Om eerlijk te zijn ben ik geen fan van potten met bak mix inhoud maar kreeg er toch eentje voor Kerst of mijn verjaardag - geen idee welke maar beide datums staan immers dicht op elkaar op de kalender - van mijn collega's: chocolate cookie chip mix van de Hema! Ze weten hoe graag ik bak dus vandaar dit cadeau. Heel erg lief natuurlijk maar ben nog steeds geen fan en hopelijk leest geen van mijn collega's deze blogpost ha.

Het is niet dat ik een afschuw heb want een pot met alle ingrediënten met daarbij weinig werkdruk in de keuken is top! Het is de verhouding van ingrediënten die ik niet zo leuk vind... Ik heb namelijk veel liever de touwtjes zelf in handen hebben qua verhouding van ingrediënten.

Een van de redenen dat ik nooit instant bakmix koop want alles zelf maken is veel leuker! Maar goed ik gaf deze pot met mix toch een kans want ik was daarnaast wel benieuwd naar. Zal het smaken? Ik heb daarnaast eigen smaken toegevoegd om toch een klein beetje controle te hebben!
de cursor
voor Nederlandse
In all honesty, these cookies are SO sweet! I`d decrease the sugar with 50% probably. One of the reason I don`t buy instant baking mix.
3 way chocolate chip cookies, oh yes!
All you need is: butter, 1 egg yolk and - obviously love 

In the original recipe you just need to add 1 egg yolk and butter to make the original plain chocolate chip cookies but I have add whole egg instead just the yolk because laziness. This made the batter a lot more moist making the cookies crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Not bad actually!
With milk chocolate chips!
Peanut butter
Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies: add 1 tbsp. peanut butter and peanuts. This is my favorite cookie of all 3 and it's actually a bit crunchier too!
Coconut chocolate chip cookie: add 1 tbsp. grated coconut. Honestly there wasn`t much of coconut taste to it. Perhaps I should add coconut oil and butter to next time.
My personal favorite: the peanut butter one!


  1. I've actually tried normal chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate chip cookies with coconut oil before, and I love all three of them! I actually don't mind mixes that much. I know many bakers must be appalled at the thought of Betty Crocker instant mixes, but I quite like them :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. I looove chocolate chip cookies. Customising them was a good idea!

  3. awesome


  4. They look so good! I think my favorite would be the coconut one because I am obsessed with everything coconut!

  5. I've always been a chocolate chip cookie kinda girl but those peanut butter chocolate chip cookies look like they'd hit the spot!

  6. Ah, the peanut butter ones sound divine!


  7. Ooh, I want some!!! I love me some coconut. :)

  8. Never tried the peanut butter one! They look absolutely mouth-watering, I think I should go now to the supermarket to find peanut butter and have some afternoon tea with chips :)

  9. Yum! Looks delicious. I would love to make this.

  10. These all sound marvellous x


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