A Day in The Hague


My friend W. was busy revising and taking exams and was getting fed up with being 24/7 in the books so he decided to take a breath with me. A couple of weeks ago we met up in The Hague for a fun day strolling with lots of eating, shopping and visiting the Japanese Garden! I hope you feel recharged after this getaway, W.! 


Vriend W. was druk aan het leren en toetsen maken en op een gegeven moment was hij het zat. Zat om 24/7 in de boeken te zitten en daarom een goede reden voor een pauze. Met mij! Een paar weken geleden hebben we dus afgesproken in Den Haag voor een lekker tussenuit met lekker eten, winkelen en bezoekje brengen de Japanse Tuin! Ik hoop dat je je weer opgeladen bent na dit, W.! 
de cursor
voor Nederlandse

But first: lunch
@Happy Tosti (Tosti van Josti)❤❤❤❤

This is my 2nd time at Happy Tosti! The place was really crowded but we managed to get a table but unfortunately not outside. Would have love to eat my tosti under a ray of sunlight but o well.

We Ordered:
1 parsnip carrot soup
1 pulled pork tosti
1 chocolate banana tosti
1 latte macchiato
1 iced coffee
1 homemade `rooibos` ice tea
Link blogpost: Here!
Parsnip carrot soup

I got the parsnip and carrot soup but it didn`t taste much of parsnip. It was sweet with lots of ginger flavor and if you`d give me this bowl without saying what it is I`d think it`s pumpkin soup.
Chocolate banana tosti

The chocolate with banana tosti combo is nice, I never had a sweet tosti in my life until now! It also came with little bowls of cucumbers and M&M`s. In my opinion a bit weird combination, especially the cucumbers because what are you doing here between all the sweetness!
Here my friend W. showing off his new Samsung Galaxy s7 phone: "I think my phone camera takes better picture than your OnePlus!
City center
Here I am in the De Passage`. De Passage is the oldest and one of my favorite shopping center of Holland and it`s not because of the shops but because of the architecture!
What is this? A gun? A hairdryer?
Japanese Garden in Clingendael Park
The Japanese Garden is free to enter and it is only open for 8 weeks a year. Me and W. took the bus which was a free bus ride thanks to the broken incheck scanner - woo! - to get to the garden. The garden is located inside the Clingendael park, which is another huge park with raw greenery.
My expectation of the Japanese Garden was big, beautiful and blossoming but in reality it was not really the case and that was such a let down. Firstly the Japanese Garden is really (like really) small. There were only a handful of exotic plants, no `sakura` trees (ok it`s not the right season) and 1 typical wooden Japanese shed with few decors around it. I thought I needed another blogpost to blog more about this garden but that is not needed, sigh! I did saw a nice looking wedding shooting though.
The rest of Clingendael Park
I somehow like this two path split.
Wild raspberries? We don`t know but they sure look adorable.
Dindin, more coming
A hotspot review in the next blogspot!
O by the way, we got this ice tea for free since they forgot to bring it over, a kind gesture but not needed!


  1. I love that outfit Mei!! Sounds like a fun day out - too bad the Japanese garden was a disappointment.

  2. This looks absolutely gorgeous! Sounds like you had a great time (: x

  3. I love that your skirt matches your shoelaces and his shirt matches his shoes! I remember in high school, MUN would always have a conference in The Hague, and that was always a highly anticipated trip! People always came back with boxes of stroopwafels, some for themselves, some to sell to friends ;P I've never gone myself though! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Thanks for taking us with you on your trip and sharing the impressions!

    Have a nice day,

  5. You look super cute! I've been hearing a lot about the Japanese garden, but also about the one in Amsterdam, maybe that one is better? Too bad it was a let down :< The foods you had look delicious though! I've never had a sweet tosti before either, but I don't think it's really my taste haha!

  6. Lovely photos ! Seems like a good time !


  7. Lovely photos. And I love your skirt :)

  8. What a lovely area! It definitely looks like the perfect place to unwind and relax. The food sounds really yummy! I have been wanting to try a carrot soup.


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